Known as the professional woodcare coating experts, Sikkens provide a collection made up from wood stains, paints and primers aiming to let the natural beauty of the wood underneath shine.

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Offering one of the most diverse selections of wood stains currently available on todays market, Sikkens offer choices including primers, finishing coats and wood fillers suitable for use on applications such as interiors, decks, doors and windows. 

Why should you choose Sikkens?

Sikkens Wood Coatings have been creating top quality woodcare products and paints since 1792 putting innovation and quality at the heart of what they do. With their unrivalled expertise in this sector, Sikkens have been market leaders and continue to be so. Proud of their tradition, they aim to only provide you with the best wood care products on the market whilst remaining affordable.

Recognised globally Sikkens is the first choice for many customers and as of 2011 became the global supplier of Disney and McDonald's for their coating of wooden components.

Sikkens Buying Guide

Suitable to be used on a wide variety of project, Sikkens ensures that all of there products provide the highest levels of durability, providing impressive finishes and flexible coatings preventing peeling and cracking, we've created a easy buying guide to help you choose which product is best for you:

Sikkens Cetol Plus HLS (Base Coat)

A solvent-based wood stain specifically designed for exterior softwoods and hardwood, Sikkens Cetol Plus HLS also contains a high UV resistance and helps to maintain the integrity of the surface it is applied to through helping to prevent mould and algae from appearing.

Sikkens Cetol Plus THB (Top Coat)

Offering a translucent semi gloss finish Sikkens Cetol Plus THB , is suitable to be used on windows and doors providing a flexible coating perfect for preventing peeling and cracking. 

Sikkens Rubbol Primer Plus

A premium quality primer/undercoat, for use on timber in exterior and interior locations, Sikkens Rubbol Primer Plus offers excellent adhesion and absorption. 

Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus

A maximum durability satin finish wood stain, Sikkens Cetol Filer 7 Plus provides excellent resistance to UV radiation. Perfect for use on softwood and hardwood windows and doors.

Do Sikkens produce paints or stains?

Sikkens are known for producing a wide variety of stains, available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Developed to enhance rather than cover up, Sikkens range of stains allow the natural beauty of woodgrain to shine underneath. 

What is the best way to apply Sikkens?

Sikkens is best applied with a natural bristle brush, following the natural grain of the wooden surface underneath. Using rollers or sprayers tend to spread the product too thin reducing penetration and adhesion.

Where Can I Buy Sikkens?

Decorating Centre Online is an online stockist of Sikkens and our extensive Sikkens range is available for next day delivery to all of mainland UK, and two-day delivery for other parts of the UK. Delivery is free over £60, and our highly rated customer experience team are always on hand to provide guidance and support on your Sikkens purchase or general decorating queries.