Kitchen Wallpaper

The room we want to look its best, our selection of kitchen wallpapers enable you to find a design perfect for you. With increased moisture levels from washing and cooking, our kitchen wallpaper collection has all been specially selected to withstand this environment.

Kitchen Wallpaper

Instead of picking up a paint tin and some paint brushes, why not try some of our stylish kitchen wallpapers when it comes to decorating your kitchen area?

Whether you’re looking for a wallpaper to suit your modern and open-plan space or going for a more traditional country kitchen, we have the perfect mix of colours, brands and styles for you to choose from.

Can you wallpaper a kitchen?

Yes, you can wallpaper a kitchen, but it’s important to choose a hard-wearing, washable wallpaper that can withstand the many splash hazards a kitchen presents. Our range of kitchen wallpapers have been designed with kitchen hazards in mind, giving you peace of mind that your kitchen wallpaper will last long into the future.

Can you wallpaper over kitchen tiles?

Yes, you can wallpaper over kitchen tiles, however to get the best results you should remove the tiles first. If you do decide to wallpaper over kitchen tiles, ensure you sand the tiles down first to remove any glossy exterior, as this will make it difficult to stick the wallpaper down. You’ll then want to thoroughly wash down the tiles, fill in any gaps and use a layer of lining paper before applying your kitchen wallpaper.

Can you use wallpaper on kitchen cabinets?

Yes, you can apply wallpaper to kitchen cabinets. You might want to consider using kitchen cupboard paint instead which may be easier.

What makes the perfect kitchen wallpaper?

When choosing a wallpaper for your kitchen, it is super important that you choose one that is washable and durable, making them the perfect option for your kitchen and one that will be able to withstand the daily activities of your kitchen such as cooking and washing. Luckily for you, all of our kitchen wallpaper has been carefully selected to work perfectly.

You can match your kitchen wallpaper to your personal taste, so if florals are your thing why not try out our Vintage Floral Wallpaper and use as an eye catching feature wallpaper on one wall, or if you prefer a wallcovering with some iconic geometric lines and shapes, then our Duo Chevron DCO Exclusive Grey Wallpaper could be the perfect match. 

Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

An easy and inexpensive alternative to totally transforming your kitchen is using wallpaper, incredibly impactful and versatile too, we've pulled together our top 4 perfect wallpapers for a kitchen.

  1. Go mad with Marble - Marble wallpapers are increasingly becoming one of the most popular trends in interiors today, adding class and sophistication to any space they are placed in. Our collection of marble kitchen wallpapers are full of realistic options such as the Elixir Plain Marble Effect Wallpaper and the Azurite Marble Effect Wallpaper . These popular designs are perfect for creating a statement in your kitchen. 

  2. Wood Effect Wallpaper - A timeless and contemporary interior design scheme, wood effect wallpapers are incredibly versatile and look fantastic with a variety of colours and pattern choices. Easier to maintain and create than the likes of actual wood panelling, this popular wallpaper is ideal for creating a warm and cosy space in your kitchen. Bang on trend to create a modern kitchen space, why not try out the likes of our Wood Panelling Effect Wallpaper in Taupe.
  3. Floral Explosion - Next up, Flower wallpaper. Whether you have a big kitchen or a small kitchen, colourful and bright floral wallpaper is always a great idea. Floral wallpapers make a great kitchen wallpaper choice for a statement feature wall, however if you're brave enough, floral wallpapers are also ideal for displaying through a whole kitchen, helping really bring the space to life. Match your wallpaper with a complementary colour for your cupboards and walls and if you're feeling really wild, why not think about wallpapering the ceiling for ultimate impact.
  4.  Brick wallpaper - Exposed brick walls are the perfect kitchen backdrop for us, so if you're not lucky enough to have one, why not think about using a brick effect wallpaper such as the Reclaimed Brick Wallpaper Dusty Red or the Glistening Brick Wallpaper featuring two colourways. Brick wallpapers are a great wallpaper for a kitchen as they provide a raw, industrial edge that's hard to beat. 

Advantages of using Kitchen Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an excellent alternative to decorate any space in the house, including the most humid rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. 

Some major advantages of using kitchen wallpaper includes - 

The large variety of colours and designs - Kitchen wallpaper has come a long way, and now features a large and extensive list of designs and patterns. Some of the most popular wallpaper designs emulate traditional kitchen backgrounds, such as natural stone and brick effect, but modern kitchens also embrace eye-catching colours such as teal and funky patterns such as our Leopard Palm Tree Kitchen Wallpaper.

Covers wall imperfections - One of the major advantages of using wallpaper for a kitchen is that it is the perfect way to disguise and cover up any wall imperfections. 

Helps to separate open plan kitchen areas - Using wallpaper in a large open plan kitchen space is a great way to separate the kitchen area from the dining room making them two areas with two different purposes in your home. 

Where to hang kitchen wallpaper

Wallpapers designed to be used in the kitchen are more resistant to moisture. Although they can be used in these areas of the home, they are not 100% waterproof and it is not recommended that you wallpaper near the cooking area or over the sink, as they may cause your wallpaper design to deteriorate sooner. 

That being said, three perfect places to use kitchen wallpaper include - 

BACKSPLASH - Wallpapering this area of your kitchen is a great way to introduce a splash or print of colour. If you are worried about wear and tear of your wallpaper around the backsplash area, consider placing a transparent glass over the paper to protect it. 

OPEN PLAN KITCHEN - As previously mentioned above, wallpaper is a great way to separate a large open plan kitchen and dining area and give them their own distinctive feel. 

ABOVE KITCHEN CUPBOARDS - If you're lucky enough to have high kitchen ceilings, a great way to add interest to your space is to wallpaper the space between the furniture and the ceiling. If you are looking for a minimalist and simple aesthetic select wallpapers with vertical stripes and softly textured designs, or if you are looking for more of a bright and bold wall feature go for a floral or nature inspired design. 

Looking for some kitchen wallpaper inspiration?

If you're just on the hunt for some inspiration, then have a look through our collection for some kitchen wallpaper ideas, or check out or instagram and pinterest page with thousands of images from our customers. We've also written a blog post talking through all things kitchen wallpaper and our favourite designs, to find out more just click here. Then, when you’re ready, it’s easy to order your kitchen wallpaper online, with free delivery on orders over £60.00.