Give your garden fence a refresh with our collection of top quality fence paints and treatments. Whether it's a bright pop of colour or a treatment to protect it from the effects of weathering, we stock the brands up for the job!

Fence Paint

Is your fence needing a little bit of TLC? In this collection, you will find a fantastic range of fence treatments and fence paints to have your garden and more importantly that fence looking summer ready in no time!

Why Paint Your Fence?

Painting your fence is a quick and easy way to provide a lease of life to your exteriors, often seen as an extension to our homes gardens are a space in which we love to spend time in. A beautifully painted fence is a fun way to add colour and personality to your home and keep it looking good all year round.

Popular Fence Paint Colours

Available in a variety of colours and shades, a lick of garden fence paint can truly transform your garden and help to prolong its life. Some of our most popular fence paint colours include:

Grey Fence Paint

Available in a variety of shades, grey fence paints continues to remain a popular choice when it comes to painting. Painting your fence grey helps your garden to stand out and help to bring your stunning plants to life. Some of our favourite grey fence paints include Cuprinol Silver Birch and Rust Oleum Garden Paint - Winter Grey.

Black Fence Paint

Allow your fence to stand out from the crowd with our collection of black fence paint. Available in variety of shades to suit your taste, black fence paint is a great way to hide imperfections and really bring your garden to life. Some of our most popular shades include Cuprinol Garden Shades - Black Ash and Rust Oleum Garden Paint - Black Sand.

If you'd rather add a bright pop of colour to your fence we love the idea of adding Cuprinol Garden Shades - Sweet Sundae or Rust Oleum Garden Paint - Violet Macaroon.

What Colour Fence Paint Makes Garden Look Bigger?

When it comes to making your garden appear bigger, our secret is to opt for darker colours. The effect is often dramatic and sure to be a hit with your guest, opt for more blacks, dark blues, greys and browns.

How To Paint A Fence?

Painting a fence can sometimes feel like a bit of a daunting task, however it really doesnt have to be. Before you start, it's important to prepare your surface prior to painting.

Prepare Your Fence Surface Before Painting

Tie back any loose plants and vegetation to ensure that you have enough space to work and that your garden doesn't come in close contact to any toxic splatters. Ensure your fence doesn't have any large cracks or loose panels, and fix correctly following the paint manufacturers instructions on the paint tin. Remove any dirt or debris from the fence surface and sand it down to smooth down any wood splints.

Time To Paint

It's important before you start painting to select a paint that is suitable for using on your exterior surfaces such as fences. When it comes to selecting your tools, you have a choice - you can either use a brush, roller or paint sprayer, or select all three. 

If you are using a brush or roller, remember to following the natural grain of the wood for the best professional finish. Start for the top of the fence panel and work your way down so you can catch any loose drips. If you are using a fence paint sprayer ensure it is compatible with your fence paint and following the same guidelines as the brush and roller.

Popular Fence Paint Brands

Choose from an extensive list of top exterior brands such as Cuprinol, Sadolin Osmo designed to help you get the job done quickly and professionally. Some of our favourite and most popular brands when it comes to painting to fence include:


Known for their fantastic range of exterior paints, Cuprinol have a wide range of products suitable for using on your fence. Products such as Cuprinol Ducksback which has been designed to not only colour but to protect your exterior surface. Featuring a quick dry, non drip formula, this popular Cuprinol fence paint is a water based treatment and safe to use around plants and pets.

Another popular Cuprinol fence paint product includes Garden Shades , the perfect all round garden paint for exterior woodwork. With 36 popular shades to choose from, Cuprinol Garden Shades provides 6 years weather protection and delivers a stunning matt finish.

Johnstone's Trade Paint

With a variety of products suitable for using on your fence, Johnstone's Woodworks are a go to when it comes to your exteriors. Johnstone's Woodworks Shed & Fence Treatment is a fantastic paint designed to use on rough sawn timber. Protecting exterior timber from any UV damage, this quality fence paint has lasting colour and protects for up to 3 years against weathering and fading.

Where Can I Buy Fence Paint?

You can buy a wide variety of fence paint directly from Decorating Centre Online via our website. Simply choose your preferred product, add it to your basket and continue to the checkout. We offer free standard delivery on all orders over £60.00 and can provide a next day delivery service if required.