Specialising in sustainable wood and floor finishes, Fiddes continue to work with the latest technology and finest raw materials to bring to you highest quality traditional and modern wood finishing products. Browse through their best selling ranges of Hard Wax Oil and Fiddes Clear Glaze.

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Spanning over 4 generations, Fiddes is known for it's long and proud history of ‘caring for wood’. Founded by Albert Fiddes, it originally started by supplying paints and distempers to the joinery and building trades, fast forward to today Fiddes woodcare collection includes a wide range of sustainable wood finishes utilising the very latest technology and from the finest raw materials available.

Fiddes Woodcare Buying Guide

With Fiddes recognised as a world leading manufacturer of traditional and modern wood finishing products, we’ve put together a brief guide on selecting the right Fiddes product for your woodcare.

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil, for interior wood flooring and wood surfaces.

Available in an extensive range of tints, Fiddes Hard Wax Oil has been developed from a natural blend of natural oils & waxes. Delivering exceptional coverage, durability and resistance to stains and liquids, this interior wood oil is available in both a matt and satin finish and is the perfect choice for surfaces such as natural wood flooring, kitchen worktops (wood) and areas subjected to a high degree of wear.

Fiddes Supreme Wax, for Fine Furniture, Doors, Floors and Panelling

The Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is available in a generous 400ml size and comes in a range of tints to suit your woodcare surface. The perfect choice for using on bare or sealed wood, this environmentally friendly wood wax effortlessly enhances the natural beauty of your wooden surface. 

In a rush? No worries, the Fiddes supreme wax is dry in around 3 minutes and can be easily buffed in to your desired finish with a soft cloth.

Fiddes Clear Glaze, for interior wood flooring, Doors, Panelling and Joinery

A highly durable wood varnish, Fiddes Clear Glaze offers a high degree of protection, resistance against spills and stains and a beautiful high quality finish. Available in both a matt and Satin finish, this super easy to apply varnish is dry within 4-6 hours and available in a 1L & 2.5L size tin.

Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil, for Exterior Woodwork and Joinery

Formulated from a blend of natural oils & resins, the Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil is ideal for providing your exterior wooden surfaces with a quick drying, clear and water repellent finish. Also weather resistant, the professional high build wood oil contains UV filters and is available in both 1L & 2.5L size.

Fiddes Decking Oil, for Hardwood and Softwood Timber Decking

Available in a range of coloured tints to match your exteriors, the Fiddes Decking Oil is a water repellent decking oil that helps to prevent splitting & the surface growth of algae. Delivering a high resistance to wear & water penetration, this exterior decking oil also contains UV filters and can also be used on Panelling, Sheds and Fencing.

Is Fiddes eco-friendly?

With sustainability a firm focus, Fiddes continue to deliver a collection of high quality woodcare using the finest, natural and sustainably sourced raw materials and ingredients.

Do I need to sand my wooden surface before applying Fiddes?

Yes, in most cases before the application of Fiddes, preparation will often require sanding and thorough cleaning to ensure best application and results. Generally most surfaces will need to be sanded with a fine 150 grade sanding paper or a 150 grit sanding disc. For more information on this, read our "Application" and "Preparation" sections available on each individual product page.

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