Soft Sheen Paint

For alternative finish to matt on your walls and ceilings, soft sheen paint can be used throughout your home as it is very durable. Also referred to as mid-sheen paint, soft sheen paints are wipeable so they can withstand a spillage or bump here and there.

Soft Sheen Paint

Shop our full range of popular soft sheen trade paints above in white, magnolia and our famous colour match service meaning you can get a soft sheen finish in almost any designer colour you desire.

What is Soft Sheen Paint?

If you are looking for a finish that isn't as flat as a matt finish but don't want the paint to look too shiny then soft sheen paint is a great compromise. The extra light reflected can highlight imperfections more than a standard matt paint but in certain light can give you a stunning finish.

Very similar in sheen to silk paint, it is much more durable and can be cleaned much easier making it great for kitchens and bathrooms and is used on walls and ceilings.

Becoming increasingly popular, Soft Sheen can add more character to your home and is common in newer houses. Soft Sheen paint is water-based meaning it is low VOC, low odour and it dries quickly.

Popular Soft Sheen Paints

  • Johnstone's Trade Vinyl Soft Sheen - Our most popular soft sheen paint which is a favourite for professional and DIY decorators. Able to be mixed into over 16,000 colours it offers a scuff-resistant and wipeable finish.
  • Dulux Trade Vinyl Soft Sheen - A high quality soft sheen paint which is washable and uses unique AkzoNobel technology. Trade paint that goes a very long way as it covers 16m² per litre.
  • Crown Trade Mid-Sheen - A good value soft sheen paint which leaves a tough and long lasting finish. Available in both brilliant white and colour match.