Pink Wallpaper

Pink is a colour often associated with happiness, fun and calmness, so we have pulled together an abundance of contemporary pink wallpapers for you to choose from, featuring so many of our favourite pink shades and in a wide variety of designs and prints.

Pink Wallpaper

Pink is a colour that is perfect for creating a statement in any room where it's placed. 

Whatever the shade may be, whether it's a pastel blush pink wallpaper, a pink and white wallpaper or a fun and bright fuchsia pink wallpaper, we have selected an extensive range suitable for every pink lover out there, including best-selling brands such as Holden, Laura Ashley and Belgravia. Pink is the perfect choice for using in a number of different rooms within your home, whether it's a pink wallpaper for the bedroom, living room or office. We also think pink wallpaper looks especially sweet when used to decorate a cute nursery or girls bedroom

Providing your interiors with a sense of warmth and comfort, pink works beautifully mixed, matched and styled with other colourways, some of our favourites include; pink and white wallpaper and pink and grey wallpaper, working together wonderfully to create a sophisticated and contemporary interior scheme palette. 

With a large range of wallpaper styles available, including cool pink geometric patterns, bright pink botanical florals and oriental cherry blossom designs, we are confident that you will find the style of pink wallpaper that's perfect for you. 

Looking for a bold pink wallpaper? Then don't worry, we have a couple of options, why not try the Luxury Sparkle Glitter Wallpaper  or Cascading Garden Botanical Leaf Pink Wallpaper. 

Fancy a softer, more subtle plain pink wallpaper? Try the Oliana Panel Pink Wallaper or the Stratus Metallic Cloud Printed Pink Wallpaper.  

Our top Pink Wallpaper picks 

We know that pink wallpaper isn't for everyone, however with so many different shades and styles to choose from, pink wallpaper is quickly becoming the perfect wallpaper colour to have in your home. Three of our favourite pink wallpaper styles include -

Textured Pink Wallpaper - Step up your interior game with a beautifully detailed textured pink wallpaper, with a range of textured wallpaper styles to choose from, these designs are perfect for creating a statement in your home. Our top picks include Stone Texture pink wallpaper and Grandeco's Plaster effect wallpaper. 

Pink Leopard print wallpaper - We can assure you that no leopards were harmed in the making of these wallpapers, however these fashion forward wallpapers are perfect for creating a space that your teenager will love. Choose from our Amur Leopard Pink wallpaper and our large leopard spot wallpaper to create the ultimate statement feature wall in your home.

A stylish floral themed pink wallpaper - Floral themed pink wallpapers are perfect for creating a beautifully designed feature wall in your home. With lots of designs to choose from including Cascading Botanical Leaf Wallpaper and Oliana Floral wallpaper these deigns are perfect for using in both contemporary and traditional interiors. 

Pink and Grey Wallpaper - Pink and Grey wallpapers have been an increasingly popular colour combo over the last couple of seasons, and we totally can see why! Two shades that compliment each other wonderfully, these contemporary wallpapers are perfect for using in living rooms, hallways and bedrooms. Pink and Grey wallpapers work beautifully styled with striking metallic decor to create a truly modern vibe in your home. Some of our favourites include the Sarus Crane Metallic Wallpaper Pink and Linen Stripe Metallic Wallpaper Pink

What room does Pink Wallpaper look best?

Pink wallpaper doesn't have to be only for a girls’ bedroom. Pink wallpaper can work well in a number of different spaces, whilst some styles can look better in certain rooms. Pink is a colour that works well when it is combined with other colours, therefore making it a great choice! If you want to experiment with pink wallpaper, why not think about using it on a feature wall in your living room or kitchen dining area, this is the perfect way to make a statement without completely overwhelming a space. 

Textured pink wallpapers are a great way of providing your home with a subtle nod to this popular colour choice. Using a textured wallpaper in a bedroom or hallway is ideal for introducing pink to your home without it being too in your face with a vibrant design or pattern. Or you might want to consider a pink wallpaper with eye-catching print designs, whether that be bird prints, jungle prints or anything else that will make your guest’s heads turn!   

What colour paint goes with pink wallpaper?

Pink is an incredibly versatile colour, so if you’re using pink wallpaper on a feature wall, you have a lot of options when choosing which colour you want to paint the rest of your walls. Some of our favourite paint colours to go with pink wallpaper include blue, white, green and grey. Take a look at our full paint range to find a colour that suits you and order a few samples if you want to test a few colour combinations.

Save on your favourite pink wallpapers

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