Providing high quality and professional paint rollers, Rota caters for any application through providing a wide range of fabrics and pile lengths. Featuring rollers sleeve suitable for interior and exterior use, the Rota collection also includes paint rollers accompanied by trays, frames and extension poles.

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Helping to make your DIY projects a sucess, Rota! is your go to brand for all your painting requirements. Featuring an extensive collections of rota paint rollers, we stock a huge variety of fabrics and pile lengths catering for all different types of application. 

Most Popular Rota! Products

Rota! Professional Microfibre Mini Roller Kit - Perfectly designed to paint those smaller to reach areas, this mini roller kit provides you with great all round performance and coverage. Suitable for using with both oil and water based paint, this handy roller kit comes with 2 4" mini rollers. 

Rota! Contractor Roller Cage Frame 9" -  Helping to complete all your decorating tasks quickly and efficiently, this Rota! paint roller frame has been ergonomically designed for your ease of comfort and griping. Easy to use, thie paint roller cage prevents mess and spilages and ensures a smooth and neat coverage. 

Rota! Nylon Blue Stripe 18" Roller Sleeve- Medium Pile - Designed to fit a double arm frame, this medium pile roller is suitable for using on interior walls, ceilings and floors. Providing professional results, this 18" Roller Sleeve features reduced fibre shredding and is solvent resistant. 

Rota! Gold LoTex 4" Roller Sleeve (100mm) - Medium Pile - Delievering unparallel results, the Ciret Rota Gold roller sleeves features a LoTex treatment helping to not only provide the perfect basecoat but also significantly increases the surface area that it covers.

Our top tips on using a Rota paint roller

For optimum performance when using your paint roller sleeve, wash your roller in water, this in turn will help your roller cover to soak up as much paint as possible. Fit the roller onto the frame and dip your roller sleeve lightly into the paint, ensuring that the paint covers less than half of the roller, proceed by rolling it backward and forwards on the ramp of the tray to evenly distribute the paint on the roller cover. Roll the paint onto the surface in a zig zag like pattern and begin to fill the space by laying off with long, parallel strokes.

Its important to not leave a paint-covered roller exposed to the air for a long length of time. Wrap it in plastic wrap and make sure to clean it completely after use.

What paint roller is best to use on smooth, flat walls?

When painting on smooth, flat walls you'll want to make sure that you are using a short or medium pile roller, allowing you to get an easier action with less potential dripping. Examples of rota paint rollers that would work perfectly include the Rota! Professional Microfibre Roller Refill 9" and the Rota! Gold loTex 12" Roller Sleeve -Medium Pile.

Why use a Rota paint roller over a paintbrush?

Roller sleeves have been designed to cover a larger surface area than paint brushes. Perfect for using when painting walls, ceilings or large peices of furniture, roller sleeves are also available in an array of finishes and tend to distribute paint more evenly across your chosen surface.