Gloss Colour Match

Provide your interior and exterior surfaces with a beautiful high shine gloss finish using our colour match gloss paint. Colour matching your favourite designer colours, our range of gloss paints provide your painting project with the perfect finishing touch.

Colour Match Gloss Paint

Gloss paints are the perfect choice if you are looking to achieve a high shine finish. Suitable for using on most interior and exterior surfaces, our colour match gloss paint collection allows you the chance to paint your surfaces in your favourite designer paint colour. Revive your tired looking interior and exterior woodwork and provide them with the ultimate durable and long lasting finishing touch. 

Popular Colour Match Gloss Paints

Zinsser AllCoat Interior & Exterior Gloss - Colour Match - Suitable for using on an range of surfacess including timber, masonry, plastic and concrete, this easy to apply and self priming paint can be applied to previously coated surfaces and has a quick re coat time of 1 hour. 

Johnstones Trade Aqua Water Based Gloss - Colour Match -  An innovative water based gloss, this tough, durable and quick drying paint is ideal for using on both interior and exterior wooden and metal surfaces. Providing an excellent application and finish, Johnstones water based gloss still provides all of the characteristics and application of a traditional solvent-based gloss.

Leyland Trade High Gloss - Colour Match -  Suitable for colour matching into the designer paint colour of your choice, this high gloss paint provides your surfaces with a top quallity, high gloss finish. Suitable for using on both interior and exterior wooden and metal surfaces, this solvent based paint can be easily wiped down making it suitable for high traffic areas. 

Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss Paint - Colour Match - Delievering a high gloss finish, this water based and washable gloss paint can be used on a range of surfaces including interior walls, skirting boards, windows and door frames. Easy to apply with a brush or roller, this Dulux Quick Dry Gloss can be applied to previously painted surfaces. 

Is it better to use Solvent or Water based gloss paint on wooden and metal surfaces?

The choice is completely up to you! Nowadays, because of the large range of gloss paints availble, both options have a large list of postitives associated with them :

Water based gloss paints - 

  • Is a more environmentally friendly option. 
  • Easy to apply
  • Low oddur
  • Non- Yellowing

Solvent based gloss paints - 

  • Tough & Durable
  • Professional finish
  • Easy to apply

How do i order my Colour Match Gloss paint?

Using our paint colour matching service has never be so easy! Once you have decided which paint is the perfect one for you, simply enter the name and brand of the colour you would like in the box provided. If you need some help making up your mind, why not select a colour from the colour palette provided to help you decide. 

What is the purpose of Gloss paint?

A gloss finish paint reflects the most light, so therefore will appear the most shiny. Hardwearing and durable, gloss paint is the ideal choice for using in areas that recieve high wear or get a high volume of traffic therefore making it the perfect choice for using on interior doors and skirting boards.