Paint Rollers - Sleeves, Frames & Kits

An absolute essential when it comes to any decorating project, rollers are the most effective way of painting walls, woodwork and most exterior surfaces. At Decorating Centre Online we offer one of the best choices of roller sleeves, trays and kits in the UK stocking the most popular brands on the market including Wooster, Rota!, Purdy, Two Fussy Blokes and many more!

Paint Rollers

Paint rollers are a must if you have a large flat surface that requires painting and with such a large range to choose from, we are sure to have something that will suit your painting project. 

Choosing the right roller sleeve can be a tough choice, so we've pulled together a couple of important things to condsider before picking:

  • What surface are you planning on painting?
  • What product are you using? (Varnish, Paint, Oil)
  • What finish are you looking to achieve?

Popular Paint Rollers

Long Pile Roller Sleeves

These types of roller sleeves are ideal for using on more uneven surfaces such a walls, ceilings or brickwork. A highly absorbent roller, these long nap rollers can be used with a wide range of paints. Some of our favourites include the ProDec Long Pile 9" Woven Roller Sleeve, Axus Grey S-Fiinish 9" Roller Sleeve and the Purdy Professional Colossus 12" Roller Sleeve

Short Pile Roller Sleeves

Designed to provide a smooth and even finish, short pile rollers are ideal for newly plastered walls and ceilings. Providing maximum pickup, alllowing you to cover walls quicker, our top sellers include the Two Fussy Blokes 9" Semi Smooth Roller Sleeve and the ProDec Flocked 4" Foam Roller Sleeves.

Exterior Roller Sleeves

Featuring a longer nap size, exterior rollers are designed to paint rougher, more textured surfaces. One of our favourites include the Wooster Super-Fab 9 inch Masonry Roller Sleeve, made from a golden yellow knitted polyester fabric, this exterior paint roller is solvent resistant and has a high resistance to matting. 

Paint Roller Kits

Alongside buying rollers by themselves, we also offer a fantastic range of paint roller kits, generally consiting of a roller frame and paint tray, roller kits are a handy all in one tool. Some of our most popular paint roller kits include the:

Axus Lime Series Wood Finishing Kit - Featuring 2x roller sleeves, 1x S Frame and a paint tray, the Axus Lime Series can be used on a range of surfaces including doors, cabinets and other woodwork surfaces. 

Rota! Professional 9" Roller Kit -A roller kit ideal for both experienced and beginner DIY'ers, the Rota! roller kit includes a 9" roller sleeve, roller frame and paint tray. 

What Is The Best Paint Roller To Use On Walls & Ceilings?

Generally we always recommend using a medium pile roller sleeves. A perfect choice for using on your walls & ceilings, they provides excellent paint pick up and an overall smooth finish.  Some of our top recommendations include the Purdy Pro Extra 9" Colossus Roller Sleeve, Rota! Professional Microfibre 9" roller and the Rota! Gold LoTex 9" Roller Sleeve.

How Do I Clean My Roller Sleeve Once I've Finished Using It?

Paint Rollers hold a lot of paint, so it's super important that you clean it properly after you've finished using it. 

If you've been using water based paint, simply submerge your roller sleeve in warm soapy water with a few drops of washing up liquid and use to hands to simply remove the excess paint from the roller. Once all the excess paint has been removed, set your roller sleeve upright and leave to dry.

If you've been painting with solvent based paint, we recommend using a solvent remover such as Bartoline Turpentine. Wearing rubber gloves simply emerse the roller in the spirits and gently work the solvent through the fibers of the paint roller.