Paint Samples

Help narrow down your colour search, with our paint sample tester pots. Available in a 350ml Leyland Vinyl Matt Sample Pot and a 250ml Dulux Trade Tester Pot, our sample pots are the perfect way of checking your colour choice is exactly what you are looking for. With our ability to colour match most designer brands, there is a wide variety of colours to choose from.

Why Are Paint Samples So Important?

Paint sample tester pots are the ideal way to check that your chosen paint shade is the perfect colour for your home, before committing to the shade. These handy sample pots will allow you to visualise the colour in your room’s natural light over the course of the day. To go ahead and get started, simply follow the quick and easy ordering process below.

How To Order Your Paint Sample?

Ordering your paint sample tester pot has never been easier. Firstly, select if you would like your paint sample to be mixed into a Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt 350ml tin, a Dulux Trade Sampler Tester Pot 250ml tin, a Johnstone's Trade Covaplus 350ml Tester Pot or Crown Trade Vinyl Matt Emulsion 250ml Tester Pot. Once you have decided which one you would like to go for, simply enter the name and brand of the colour you would like to be mixed in the box above or select a colour from our extensive colour palette range and leave the rest to our tinting experts. 

How To Get the Most Out of Your Paint Sample Tester Pot?

One of our top tips on getting the most out of your paint sample tester pot is to instead of painting it directly onto the wall, try painting it directly onto a piece of paper. As the light changes so much in our homes throughout the day, painting your sample onto paper will allow you to see the different tones you're going to have when it's night-time and when it's day time.

Another advantage of using a piece of paper is it allows you to move the colour around the room, providing a clearer sense of how the colour will look and results in you not having lots of paint patches to later paint over. 

Where Can I Buy Paint Samples?

You can buy a wide variety of paint samples directly from Decorating Centre Online via our website. Simply choose your preferred sample pot brand and add it to your basket and continue to the checkout.

Farrow and Ball Paint Samples

Struggling to find the perfect Farrow and Ball shade? Our collection of 132 Farrow and Ball paint samples come in a generous 100ml size tin, allowing you to get the best possible idea of your finished result before committing to a full sized paint purchase. 

How Much Do Paint Samples Cost?

Due to our wide range of paint samples on offer we have something available for every budget. Shop our 350ml Leyland Trade Tester Pot for £3.99 or the Dulux Trade Sample Pot for £5.49.

What Else Can Paint Samples Be Used For?

Paint samples not only are ideal for testing on walls to help you find the perfect colour, they can also be used for a wide variety of tasks including touch ups, updating furniture or creating your own DIY wall art.

Needing Some Extra Inspiration?

We have tons of home decor inspiration on Instagram & Pinterest, and you can always contact us too. Whether you have any product related queries, or if you would simply like a second opinion on your paint sample options, we’re always happy to offer our expert advice.

We also have some inspiration on our Decorating Centre Online Blog.