Tree Wallpaper

Add a forest feel to your home with our stunning range of tree wallpaper. From palm trees to pine trees, willow trees and blossom trees, we offer a wide selection of tree patterns to suit any room. This range takes its inspiration from nature and allows you to bring the outdoors in. Browse our full range of tree wallpapers below to find the perfect colour and style for your home.

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Our selection of wallpaper with tree patterns allows you to take inspiration from the great outdoors when decorating your home. Whether you’re looking for a woodland scene or a jungle design, we offer everything from subtle and elegant to bold and eye-catching patterns. Order today and get free next day delivery on all orders over £100.00.

Why choose tree wallpaper?

Tree Wallpapers are a great way of bringing a touch of the outdoors in, and are ideal for placing in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. If you fancy something bold and bursting with tropical vibes then we would recommend looking at Belgravia Decor's Retreat Large Leaf Floral Wallpaper , or if you prefer something a little bit more subtle and relaxing then why not try the Tropical Palm Tree Leaf Wallpaper featuring an exotic palm tree design in delicate neutral colourways. 

A wallpaper with trees would make for the perfect feature wallpaper and is a stylish way to decorate your walls. Tree wallpapers can add warmth to a room as well a sense of adventure which isn’t found with more standard wallpapers.

What colour walls work well with tree wallpaper?

Whether you are decorating your bedroom, living room or elsewhere in the home or workplace, you’ll likely only be hanging tree wallpaper on one feature wall within the room. That leaves you with a decision to make, what colour do you paint or wallpaper the rest of the walls in the room? 

Really, this will depend on the type of tree wallpaper you opt for. If you choose a brightly coloured tree wallpaper, then complement this with neutrals such as brown or grey. If you opt for more neutral colours in your tree feature wall, then white walls will help to make the patterns stand out. Alternatively, you can choose your own designer colour with our colour match paint.

If you’re looking for something a little different or more vibrant, we also stock a range of floral wallpaper too.