Paint Trays, Scuttles & Kettles

With a huge range of paint trays, scuttles & paint kettles to choose from, this collection of paint tools are extremely useful when it comes to painting. With products from some of the top brands including ProDec, Wooster & Axus, we have everything you'll need to help complete your decorating jobs.

Painting Trays, Paint Scuttles & Paint Kettles

A must have decorating accessory when it comes to painting, our collection of painting trays, scuttles & paint kettles are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your paint brushes and rollers. With everything from disposable to reusable trays, we stock the biggest brands, ideal for both the smallest & largest commercial jobs.

Paint Trays & Paint Scuttles

Generally made from a high density plastic, paint trays and paint scuttles are a way of carrying a larger amount of paint. Ideal for using with paint rollers, we stock a wide range of sizes to suit a wide range of painting projects.

Paint Kettles

Paint Kettles are a great choice if you're working with a smaller amounts of paint. Lightweight and durable, paint kettles can be used with mini rollers & paint brushes and offer a less heavy solution moving around a room.

Popular Trays, Scuttles & Kettles

With such a wide range to choose from we've pulled together some of our top picks:

ProDec 9" Paint Roller Tray - A staple in every decorators kit, the ProDec 9" roller tray can be used with all rollers up to 9" wide. Featuring a chevron pattern displayed on the tray helping to absorb as much paint as possible, this ProDec roller tray is suitable for using with the ProDec 9" plastic liners to save time on the clean up. 

Harris Paint Scuttle - Allowing you to hold more paint, the Harris paint scuttle increases efficiency and productivity on large jobs. Featuring a perfect side pour spout for easy decanting, this professional paint scuttle is available in both a 2.5L and 15L size. 

Axus Captain Chunk Paint Kettle - A great addition to any decorators kit, the Axus Captain chunk paint kettle is lightweight, durable and includes an adjustable hand strap providing comfort during long periods of use.

Are Trays, Scuttles & Kettles easy to clean after use?

Yes, once you've finished painting we recommend cleaning your tray, scuttle or kettle as soon as you can. If using water based paints simply wash with warm soapy water, and if you're using a oil based paint, something like out Bartoline White Spirits is a great choice for removing excess paint. 

However if you want to save yourself time on the dreaded clean up, we also have paint liners available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.