Specially formulated to provide a strong bond to metal surfaces, Hammerite Metal Paint protects your exterior metal surfaces from wear and corrosion, whilst also providing a range of beautiful of colours and finishes.

Hammerite Metal Paint

Hammerite are the specialists when its comes to anything metal care. There extensive range of metal paints are specially formulated to form a tough barrier that resists knocks and scrapes, helping to provide long lasting protection and an overall beautiful finish. 

Suitable to be used on both interior and exterior metal surfaces including, radiators, garage doors, metal fences, and more, Hammerite can be applied directly onto rusted surfaces, and can be applied directly onto metal without the use of a primer or undercoat first. Not only available in variety of different paint tin sizes, Hammerite metal paint is also available in a aerosol, helping to get more intricate jobs done quicker and easier. 

Available in a range of different finishes including Satin, Gloss, Hammered and Smooth, our selection of Hammerite paint colours includes traditional blacks, greys, and whites, including some other colourways to add a pop of colour.

Hammerite Garage Door Paint

Hammerite garage door paint has been specially designed to use on metal doors, mainly garage doors. With no undercoat required, Hammerite garage door paint provides an overall beautiful high gloss finish that gives a high resistance to flaking, weather discoloration and paint sag.

Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint

Available in 3 different finishes, Satin, Hammered & Smooth, Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal paint has been designed to rejuvenate the look of old exterior metal and can be applied directly to rusted surfaces, without the need to prime or use of an undercoat. 

Hammerite Radiator Paint

Hammerite radiator Enamel paint has been specially formulated to provide a heat resistant finish on any water-filled household interior radiator and hot water pipes. Hammerite radiator paint provides a durable and long lasting finish.

Our customers often ask us questions about our Hammerite metal paint collection. Below are a few FAQs to give you a bit more information about this popular product range.

Do you need to use a primer before applying Hammerite metal paint?

No primer or undercoats are required before application of the Hammerite metal paint. Before application however it is extremely important that surfaces have been properly and carefully prepared. 

Can i paint directly over rust using Hammerite metal paint?

The Hammerite paint range has been specially formulated to apply over rusted metal surfaces. Simply remove any loose rust with a wire brush or coarse sandpaper and clean the surface. Once it has fully dried, simply apply Hammerite Paint directly onto the rusty metal surface.

What colours are available in Hammerite Direct to Rust paint?

Hammerite have a large selection of paint colours available for you to totally transform your metal surfaces, choose from black, silver, gold, copper, blue and green

How many coats of Hammerite paint do i need to apply?

Hammerite paint will generally require at least 2 coats of paint, allowing at least 2-4 hours of drying time between each coat. 

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