Oriental Wallpaper

Transform your space with an oriental style wallpaper, featuring Chinese & Japanese themed designs, these stunning wallpapers range from traditional oriental patterns to modern designs inspired by botanical flowers and birds.

Oriental Wallpaper

Featuring vibrant colours and intricate patterns our range of Oriental wallpapers are sure to add a touch of East Asia to your homes. These wallpapers are particularly suited for use in your bedroom or living room and the majority are ideal for use as feature walls due to the elegant design.

We particularly love the floral and tree Oriental wallpapers which help to bring the outside in. With a range of different patterns and a range of different colours, you’ll be sure to find the Oriental style wallpaper that suits your taste.

Constantly growing in popularity, these wallpapers take influence most noticeably from Chinese and Japanese culture, architecture and wildlife. The landscapes are the most noticeable feature of Asian style wallpapers like in the Teshio Oriental Wallpaper which comes in a range of different colours. This wallpaper has a scalloped pattern which incorporates the rolling hilly landscapes of the orient is a great wallpaper to add character to any room in your home.

The most popular patterns in our Oriental Wallpaper range include the plants notorious with this region. This includes the Cherry Blossom Tree which is most notably associated with the Japanese countryside. Our Oriental Blossom Wallpaper is a huge favourite with our customers due it’s Japanese design which features the branches and flowers of the Cherry Blossom tree and is available in either pink or grey. This beautiful floral wallpaper is ideal to be used in the bedroom.

Cranes are synonymous with East Asia as the area has the highest crane diversity in the world. It’s no wonder then that a few of our Oriental Wallpapers are adorned with cranes. Our most popular is the Azzurra Botanical Lead Crane Wallpaper which is available in Charcoal/Gold, Blush Pink, Silver/Navy & Yellow. This contemporary wallpaper is a definite favourite when it comes to feature walls.

Not sure if you will like any of Oriental Wallpapers? Why not try a sample of the wallpaper first. Simply click on the wallpaper you like and click the ‘order sample’ button. Your first two samples are free, after that it’s 75p each. Be sure to search our full range of wallpapers as we something to suit every room, style and design.