Origin Murals

Try something different with a wall covering from Origin Murals. Produced to order in the UK, Origin Murals have created a number of vibrant & exciting wall murals which will help you achieve your dream aesthetic. With educational murals showcasing our universe or moody scenic landscapes that will grab your attention every time you enter the room, Origin Murals have a design that will suit your taste.

Buy Origin Murals Online

With a love for everything colour, design and digital, Origin Murals collection of statement wallpaper murals are sure to help you achieve your perfect interior space. Whether it's floral, tropical or geometric wallpapers you are looking for, this range of Origin Murals have been designed to change your walls from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. Easy to hang, and available in 2 sizes, this particular variety of murals are all paste the wall and are produced in the UK. 

What sizes of Origin Murals are available to buy?

Origin Murals are available for you to purchase in two sizes:

  • Medium - 300cm x 240cm
  • Large - 350cm x 280cm

The medium size includes 6 easy to hang drops, whilst the large size includes 7 easy to hang drops. 

Can i order a Origin Mural wallpaper sample?

Unfortunately due to the size and pattern of these mural designs it is not possible to send accurate samples of the various designs, however we have included room images to help give an idea of scale and overall pattern. 

What wallpaper paste should i use to hang my wallpaper mural?

As this is an easy to hang, paste the wall wallpaper, we recommend using the Beeline All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive or the Anaglypta Readymix Wallpaper Adhesive available in sizes 2.5kg, 5kg or 10kg to suit the size of your project. 

Can I install a Origin Mural wallpaper on a freshly painted wall?

Before hanging a wallpaper or a wallpaper mural, we advise that you wait four to six weeks after painting to install your wallpaper mural. The reason for this is to help ensure that the wallpaper paste creates a secure bond between the wall mural and wall.