uPVC Paint

Are you looking to paint your composite doors or uPVC window frames? We have a range of professional paints for uPVC surfaces from popular brands like Zinsser, Bedec & Rust-Oleum which are available in a large variety of colours (and tinted colours to order) and sizes.

What is uPVC?

Most commonly found nowadays in front doors and window frames, uPVC is a versatile and durable plastic found in construction. If you have a front door that isn't wooden the chances are it's uPVC. 

Used on almost all new housing uPVC doors and windows offer greater resistance to high temperatures and UV radiation which can cause other surfaces to degrade. They also require much less maintenance than wooden surfaces.

Can you paint uPVC door & windows?

Yes, definitely! It is important to choose the correct paint but if you want to refresh your front door for a more welcoming feel then it is 100% possible. It is often a cheap and simple way of reinvigorating your home prior to selling.

However, don't paint your uPVC doors or windows to early after installation as it could damaged to protective nature of the surface and cause any paint to crack, peel or flake after application. You also want to make sure the weather is dry when painting and the temperature is warm enough to allow exterior surfaces to dry properly.

What is the best paint for uPVC doors?

At Decorating Centre Online we stock a number of paints which are great for painting uPVC surfaces. If you want a quick, no hassle paint with plenty of colours to choose from, we'd recommend the Rust-Oleum uPVC Paint. Available in 108 stunning colours and with no primer required, this high quality coating is designed to recolour, and protect for up to 10 years, weathered uPVC doors, window frames, guttering, drain pipes and more.

We'd also recommend trying the Zinsser Allcoat Paint available in matt, satin and gloss finishes. This paint is brilliant for a variety of different surfaces and is available using in our colour match service. This means you can get it in almost any designer colour you desire! Pop your chosen colour into the text box field, select your finish and size and you're done. The Allcoat is also ready mixed into Anthracite Grey which is an extremely popular colour for exterior window frames & doors.

Do I need a primer to paint uPVC surfaces?

It is sometimes advised to use a primer before painting uPVC in order to increase the adhesion of the surface. However, with the Rust-Oleum uPVC Paint a primer is not required. If you unsure as to whether or not to use a primer before painting contact our customer service team for advice.