Tesa Tape

Get your walls ready for painting with Tesa Masking Tape. One of the most popular tape brands with UK decorators, Tesa tape is designed to leave tidy, sharp lines without leaving residue on your walls.

Preparation is key when decorating and Tesa Tape have the perfect masking tapes to get you ready for painting. They offer a range of decorators tapes which are the first choice for many professionals in the UK.

At Decorating Centre Online we offer a range of Tesa masking tape in a variety of different sizes. As the experts in adhesive tape, you can sure that Tesa products will perform to the highest standard every time you use them. Always leaving sharp edges and no residue after removal, Tesa produce some of the highest quality tapes on the market.

Which Tesa Tape do I need?

Tesa Pink Sensitive Masking TapeIdeal for use on flat and sensitive surfaces the Tesa Pink tape is best taping wall coverings, wallpaper & varnished surfaces. Tear-proof and simple to apply, it is a great interior masking tape.

Tesa Yellow Precision Masking Tape - A great all-rounder, the Tesa Yellow tape is suitable for use on interior and exterior surfaces. It is best used on glass, aluminium, PVC & wood and is backed with extra strong Japanese washi rice paper.

Tesa Blue Outdoor Masking Tape - This professional grade masking tape can be left for 26 weeks outdoors without leaving any residue while being UV resistant and waterproof. A fantastic exterior tape which is great on slightly rough surfaces.