Paint Additives

Our range of paint additives are designed to enhance paint or offer a solution like preventing rust or mould. Owatrol provide the best paint additives in the paint and decorating market whilst being extremely good value.

Paint Additives For Preventing Mould & Rust

If you are looking for a way to prevent mould or rust when decorating or if you dislike the strong smell of oil based paints then choose from our range paint additives available at Decorating Centre Online.

We also offer a number of other paint additives for a range of different uses including reducing the drying times of paints in cold conditions and anti-slip additives that are used in floor paints.

Do Anti-Mould Paint Additives Work?

Yes, the Owatrol VC175 Mould Killer can be used in almost any paint and by adding just a few drops of the additive can stop mould and algae on a variety of surfaces. It can even be used in adhesives, grout & mortar making it multi-purpose.

The 50ml bottle goes a long way and the best results come when used in extreme weather and temperatures, both hot and cold.

Different anti mould paint additives will offer different lengths of protection and all instructions should be read before use to ensure correct application. We would not recommend applying anti mould paint additives offer existing mould growths. We'd recommend removing it using Zinsser Mould Killer.

Not quite what your are looking for? Check out our range of Anti-Mould Paint.