Extension Poles

Allowing you to reach ceilings and higher areas with much more ease, our collection of paint extension poles and accessories help to provide you with extra reach for those more difficult painting tasks. 

Extension Poles

With a wide range of paint extension poles to choose from, these light, extending poles make reaching high walls and ceilings much quicker and easier. Increasing overall productivity and reducing back ache, we at DCO stock the highest quality products from the top brands including ProDec, Wooster and Purdy.

Is It Easier To Paint With Extension Poles?

Allowing you to paint more with less effort, paint roller extension poles not only save time on your paint job, but also provide greater leverage and reduce strain on your arms and back.

Our Most Popular Extension Poles

Purdy Professional Power Lock Extension Pole - Adjustable between 1-2', the Purdy power lock extension pole is extremely lightweight and durable. Compatible with a range of Purdy paint frames including the Purdy Premium Adjustable Roller Frame and the Purdy Revolution 9" Roller Frame, this professional extension pole also features a shock absorbing rubber base.

Wooster GT Convertible Extension Pole - Another high quality and professional decorating extension pole, the Wooster GT is extenable between 2-4'. Compatible with all Wooster roller frames, the pole comes complete with a standard screw fit conversion tip stored in the end of the grip to make all threaded tools compatible.

ProDec Advance Superlock Elite Extension Pole - A 2ft pole that can be extended to 4ft, the ProDec paint roller extension pole is extremely durable and easy to use allowing use for longer periods of time. Featuring a spring loaded metal button locking mechanism, this extension pole is ideal for painting walls & ceilings.

Can You Attach A Paint Brush To An Extension Pole?

Yes! Using the Wooster Lock Jaw Tool Holder which is compatible with all Wooster GT extension poles allows you to attach a paintbrush or other tools for easy access in hard-to-reach areas.