Wall Filler Made Easy

Wall Filler Made Easy

Sick of looking at that crack in the wall? We’ve got you covered.

Not only do they look awful, but holes in the wall can lead to bigger holes and bigger problems if you don’t get them fixed ASAP. But not to worry, we’re here to show you how to easily fill holes in plaster walls. You can see our full tutorial video here


All you’ll need:

To effectively fix the hole, we recommend

Toupret wall filler

Fine Surface Filler (we're using the 330g)

Ready To Use Filler


De-Nib Pads (sanding pads)

Sugar Soap



STEP 1 - Preparation Is Key

Since we’re using Toupret Fine Surface filler, there’s no need to spot prime and the filler is ready to use!

First off, we need to use the shave hook to open up any fine cracks or gaps - this makes them easier to fill (don’t go making any large craters though). Then give the wall a clean using sugar soap, making sure you remove any loose pieces and dust off the wall. 



STEP 2 - Mind That Gap

You can’t beat Toupret wall filler (we always recommend having some in as you never know when you’ll need it).
Using a filling knife, apply the filler into the cavity. The trick is to apply the filler gradually from several directions, while making sure you don’t leave any air pockets. 


STEP 3 - Smooth It Out

Keep moving the filling knife over in different directions, starting from the centre of the filled area. Repeat this action until the filler is smoothed down.


STEP 4 - Sand & Paint!

Once dry, you can add a second layer if need be. Or get ready to sand and paint your wall. Drying takes about 8 hours using Toupret fine surface filler. (In a hurry? Use Toupret Quick fill to get painting in just 30 minutes!). The question is, will you use the same colour, or go for a new look?



Get your fill of DIY help and hacks over on our YouTube channel. Check out our full range of fillers to be sure to find the perfect filler for your project as well as an accessories or tools you require.

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