Q1 Tape

Providing masking solutions for every type of surface, Q1 specialises in a product range covering masking tapes, papers and pre taped masking films. Delivering sharp lines and clean finishes, Q1 remain the leading professionals when it comes to producing high-quality masking tapes and protective coverings.

Q1 Tape

Branding themselves as tape makers, tape thinkers & tape inventors, Q1 are known for developing masking solutions and a highly professional product range.

Leading the masking tape game for the last 25 year, Q1 continues to be one of Europes leading masking tape manufacturers and can be bought throughout 50 countries worldwide. Creating a wide range of masking tape solutions for professional decorators and home DIYers, our collection of Q1 includes masking tapes, masking paper and pre-taped sheets for both for both traditional painting and airless spray painting.

Q1 Masking Tapes

Q1 are known for providing masking tapes that cover all the needs of a professional decorator and painter. Our most popular Q1 tapes include:

Q1 Multi Purpose Indoor Masking Tape 3415

Delivering a superior hold and clean removal within 7 days of application, the Q1 Multi Purpose Indoor Masking Tape is suitable for using with the majority of all indoor paint applications (including both smooth and irregular surfaces). Ideal for skirting boards, walls, trims and metal, this painters tape is available in 3 sizes.

Q1 Precision Line Masking Tape 3560

Providing sharp and precise edges, the Q1 Precision Line Masking Tape is an ultra-thin, Washi Japanese paper. Purposely designed to use with airless spray and HVLP applications both indoors and outdoors, this Q1 professional tape is compatible with both solvent and water based paints, offering easy and clean removal.

Q1 Delicate Surface Masking Tape 3570

Designed for the preservation of delicate surfaces during painting, the Q1 Delicate Surface Masking Tape is an ultra-thin, low tack masking tape made from Washi Japanese paper. Assuring 24 hours clean removal with no residue, this professional purple masking tape is perfect for touch-ups and finishes on freshly painted surfaces. 

Q1 Sensitive Masking Tape 3590

Designed for using on extremely delicate indoor surfaces, such as wallpapers, plaster and freshly painted walls, the Q1 Sensitive Masking Tape is available in 3 sizes.

Featuring a smooth but effective adhesive, this pink painters tape offers sharp break lines without damaging freshly painted surfaces.

Q1 Masking Paper

The Q1 Handy Masking Paper makes masking up quick and straight forward. Suitable for using with both solvent and water based paints, this high quality masking paint is perfect for protecting large areas such as beams, window sills and doors. Available in a wide range of sizes, the Q1 masking paper is suitable for use with the Q1 masking Dispenser. 

Q1 Pre-Taped Masking Paper

The ideal solution for protecting surfaces against paint splatters or drips, the Q1 Pre-Taped Masking Paper is the perfect indoor masking tape solution. Ideal for skirting boards, window frames and light switches, this pre taped masking tape adhers beautifully to wood and metal and conforms well to difficult curves or corners.

Looking for a pre taped masking tape thats suitable for using both indoor and outdoor? Why not try the Q1 pre-taped washi masking film.

How do I get even and sharp edges when applying Q1 Masking Paper?

Making applying masking tape a whole lot easier, the Q1 Masking Film Dispensers has been purposely designed to cut both Q1 masking paper and Q1 Pre-Taped masking film in one quick and easy movement.  Preventing uneven ripped edges and available in two sizes, these portable masking film dispensers help to keep your pre-taped film in peek condition during painting projects.