Champagne Wallpaper

Champagne wallpaper can't help but exude a feeling of luxury. Perfect for using in a bedroom or living room, our range of champagne wallpapers include damask , patterned and textured designs.

Champagne coloured wallpaper can't help but exude the feeling up luxury and helps to provide a timeless feel to your home, 

Known for it's versability, champagne wallpaper look wonderful in any room it is placed, whether that be a living room, bedroom or hallway. We espically love the idea of a stunning champagne wallpaper in your bedroom, helping to to make it feel that touch more inviting and relaxing. The perfect mixture of not too bright and not too dull, this beautifully coloured wallpaper comes in all different types of shades, from a dark champagne colour with a hint of terracotta and beige such as the Greek Key Foil Champagne Wallpaper, to a gloriously light champagne colour providing a more contemporary and bright feel such as the Calacatta Marble Bead Metallic Champagne Wallpaper.

Whether you're looking for a retro geometric pattern or a more classic textured finish, our range of wallpapers has got you covered. Thanks to it's extreme versaility, champagne wallpaper works wonderfully with a range of colourways, such as deep accent colours such as black and navy, or can also also lighter contrasting colours such as creams and white.

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