White Emulsion Paint

Providing the ultimate clean and fresh background, our collection of white emulsion paints are a must have when undertaking your painting project. Designed to use on interior walls & ceilings, these water based paints deliver excellent coverage and professional results time and time again. 

White Emulsion Paint

When it comes to painting your walls, look no further than our range of white emulsion paints. Perfect for instantly brightening up any space or surface, white emulsion paints have been purposely created to use on interior walls & ceilings. With such a wide range of products to choose from, we at DCO only stock the products we trust to deliver professional and quality results. Choose white emulsion paints from some of the industry leading brands including Tikkurila, Dulux, Johnstone's Trade & Leyland

What Is White Emulsion Paint?

Known as a water based paint, white emulsion paint has been designed with acrylic resins to make it extra hardwearing and durable. A popular paint choice amongst many decorators and DIYers, its the perfect choice for interior walls & ceilings.

What Is The Best Way To Apply White Emulstion Paint?

One of the advantages of white emulsion paint is that is a can be applied in a number of different ways including brush, roller and sprayer. 

Popular White Emulsion Paint

Tikkurila Anti Reflex 2 

A go to for many professional decorators, the Tikkurila Anti Reflex 2 is a perfect choice for walls and ceilings. A full matt emulsion paint, the Tikkurila AR2 effortlessly removes imperfections, delivers a high level of coverage and provides a beautifully smooth finish. 

Johnstone's Trade Jonmat Premium Contract Matt

Featuring improved application, Johnstone's Jonmat Contract Matt paint is suitable for using on new plaster, walls & ceilings. Suitable for applying through a number of ways including brush, roller or spray, this water based paint has outstanding dry & wet opacity and delivers an outstanding level of coverage. 

Macpherson Trade Eclipse Emulsion

A premium quality high opacity contract emulsion, the Macpherson Eclipse Emulsion has been designed to allow new plaster, render or brickwork to dry out after application. Featuring a beautiful matt finish, this high quality water based paint is quick drying and available in a range of sizes. 

How Many Coats Of White Emulsion Paint Should I Apply?

To achieve a high quality finish and professional results, we recommend applying 1-2 coats of White Emulsion Paint. 

Can White Emulsion Paint Be Used On Exterior Walls?

No, we do not recommend you use white emulsion paint on exterior surfaces, as this specialised water based paint has been designed for interior use only. To find out what exterior paint you can use, shop our Exterior Paint collection.