Water Based Paint

A staple when it comes to painting, water based paints are known for being easy to work with, quick drying and low VOC. With a wide range of brands to choose from including Zinsser, Johnstone's Trade, Dulux and Tikkurila, water based paints are a perfect choice for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Advantages of Water Based Paint

So first things first, what is water based paint? To put it simply water based paints are created using water, rather than chemical solvents you find in solvent based paints. With this popular paint type becoming more of a staple in everyday decorating, we've pulled together a list of advantages and benefits to help you see why:

  • Lower VOCs - Water based paints generally feature lower levels of VOCs, meaning they are a better choice for the environment and tend to have less of a stronger paint smell than solvents paints will have.
  • Durable and easy to apply - Water based paints are known for adhering to surfaces beautifully and delivering a smooth and even application.
  • Versatility - Suitable for applying to a wide range of surfaces, including walls, woodwork, metal, brickwork and more.
  • Quicker drying time - One of the major benefits of using a water based paint is the drying time, with most paints allowing same day application and re-coating.

Popular Water Based Paints

Water based wall paints

When it comes to painting your walls - water based paints are a great choice. Some of our most popular choices including:

Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt - Colour Match - Ideal for interior walls & ceilings, Leyland vinyl matt is a great choice for living rooms & bedrooms. Featuring a quick drying time and providing a beautiful matt finish, this water based paint can be mixed into thousands of different colours.

Tikkurila Anti Reflex -

A popular matt emulsion paint, Tikkurila Anti Reflex removes imperfections and flashing for beautifully smooth results. Providing a deep matt finish, it's also features ultra low VOC meaning it leaves almost no odour after painting.

Water based paint for wood

Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Satin- Brilliant White - 

Suitable for interior and exterior woodwork and metal, Johnstone's Trade Aqua Satin features all the benefits of a traditional satin but includes a much quicker drying time and a low odour. Another great choice from the Johnstones Aqua range includes Johnstone’s Aqua Water Based Gloss Paint.

Tikkurila Everal Aqua 10 - A water acrylic paint, Tikkurila Everal Aqua 10 is suitable for doors, windows and furniture. A highly durable paint that can be used both internally and externally, this water based paint is quick drying and high temperature resistant.

How to Apply Water Based Paint

Before applying water based paint it's important to take into consider the temperature. For the best possible results, water based paints should be applied in temperatures above 5°C, if it is applied to a substrate below this temperature then the performance and overall finish can be severely affected. 

When it comes to the application of water based paints, there are a number of ways in which you can apply it. In most cases, we recommend reading the manufacturers label usually displayed on the tin to find out the best methods of application for that particular tin.

Where Can I Buy Water Based Paint?

You can buy a wide variety of water based paints directly from Decorating Centre Online via our website. Simply choose your preferred product, add it to your basket and continue to the checkout. We offer free standard delivery on all orders over £60.00 and can provide a next day delivery service if required.