Latest New Wallpaper Arrivals at DCO HQ - 2020

Latest New Wallpaper Arrivals at DCO HQ - 2020

New Arrivals

Ok so its been a while. I’m used to updating you all on new wallpaper designs weekly however throughout the pandemic, as you can imagine, there have been no new launches until this last couple of weeks. I showed you all the stunning glistening launch last time (linked here if you need a refresher!) and now we have some stunning ‘hot off the press’ arrivals that are are in a completely different direction! 

First up is the gorgeous ‘Magnolia Trellis’. I instantly fell in love with this as it incorporates two of the biggest current trends – geo and floral. The imagery used on the magnolia flower is so intricately designed it really does look like a real climbing plant and its finished in stunning pink shades which don’t overpower the wallpaper. The trellis pattern is printed in a metallic finish to add a subtle shimmer to the wallpaper and its available in two gorgeous colour ways Grey and Navy.  

Next I opted for another Tropical themed design, the Deco Tropical. This trend continues to go from strength to strength so I couldn’t say no when I received the samples for this pattern. Once again it adds a geometric flair to the botanical leaf design finished with intricately drawn birds and once again that metallic finish which bounces the light beautifully around the wallpaper. Available in both White and Navy! 


Final picks for today are the beautiful glitter willow designs. I loved this wallpaper as it felt so calming and to be honest, I would use it in any room for this very reason! The background has been overlaid with a textured effect (whilst still being completely flat) to give it a linen type feeling. The willow has been drawn in a watercolour style with parts of the pattern overlaid with glitter to really make it pop. Available in two beautiful colour options of grey or ochre this gorgeous wallpaper is going to be a hit I’m sure!