Get A Luxurious Look For Less With Our Favourite Living Room Wallpapers

Get A Luxurious Look For Less With Our Favourite Living Room Wallpapers

Our top living room wallpaper ideas

The living room is the hub of the home, where we tend to spend most of our time unwinding after a long day, as well as gathering socially! Because of this, it’s often one of the most important rooms that we feel should be “finished”. Wallpaper allows us to create gorgeous living spaces with tons of character, without the added expense & effort of detailed painting or wood panelling projects. Here are some of our top living room wallpaper ideas based on 2022’s hottest trends!

Create a luxurious living space with shimmering satin textures and metallic highlights

Luxury living room decor is still a huge trend for 2022 and it’s no wonder why! Thanks to innovative wallpaper design, that glamorous Instagram-worthy living room is much more achievable (and much less expensive!) than you may think. Satin textures & metallic highlights are a foolproof way to create that high-end living room aesthetic, and we have some stunning living room wallpaper designs that incorporate these effects to suit all living room decor styles.

Plain textured wallpaper is a fantastic way to add some detail to your walls if you’re not too keen on patterns, but would like a little more depth & dimension in your space. Our Palm Tree Textured Metallic Plain Wallpaper is far from “plain”, despite its name! This sophisticated design comes in a choice of a cream colour or a natural colour. It has a Palm Tree-like texture and a subtle shimmering lustre that bounces light throughout the room, which is perfect not only for maximising the space, but also for softening & concealing wall imperfections!

If you’re looking for both texture and pattern, our Tropical Palm Tree Leaf Wallpaper has the best of both worlds! It is a luxurious twist on the tropical wallpaper trend, with its pearlescent shimmering texture and a stunning print featuring large Palm Trees swaying in the breeze. This statement wallpaper comes in a choice of three colourways to complement & maximise any living room colour scheme: Natural, Silver and Mono (black & white). Both styles can be used throughout the entire space, or can be paired with complementary shades such as our Neutral or Off White paint colours





You can also amplify your luxury living room style with a glistening wood panelling effect wallpaper! 3D effect wood panelling wallpaper is such an accessible & cost effective way to achieve the DIY wood panelled wall trend with ease. If you’re not keen on the idea of attaching MDF wood panels to your wall, or if you just don’t have the time to spare for such a big project, then wood panel effect wallpaper is for you! 

Our Amara Wood Panel Effect Wallpaper features a stunning 3D wood panelling design, with a subtle satin effect shimmer to create a calming and warm ambience. This statement 3D effect wallpaper comes in a range of opulent metallic shades (as well as non-metallic matt shades, too!) including soft pink, silver grey, charcoal and cream & soft gold; so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect shade to complement your decor! Use this throughout the full room for a truly luxurious feel or create a feature wall and pair it with complementary shades such as our Off White paint colours or Neutral paint colours.




Express yourself with mural wallpapers

Nature-inspired mural wallpapers bursting with lush foliage, rolling landscapes and animals are a surefire way to drench your living room with character. They add so much fun & adventure to a space and they’re super versatile; you could use these designs throughout the living room for maximum impact, or you could confine them to a specific area such as alcoves, a snug or a reading corner!

Our Sarus Crane Metallic Wallpaper features elegant cranes mid-flight and trailing metallic foliage, while the marbling background creates extra movement and looks almost like an oriental ink painting. This sophisticated, oriental bird wallpaper comes in a beautiful range of colours to suit any personality, including grey, beige, pink, charcoal and teal.

If you’re a fan of biophilic design, look no further than our Cascading Garden Botanical Leaf Wallpaper! Featuring a wall of luscious, mixed leaves cascading from the ceiling, this ethereal botanical wallpaper is perfect if you don’t have the time (or if you’re like me, the patience!) to maintain a real living plant wall. This enchanting style can be used for a statement feature wall, on all of the living room walls to truly bring the outside in, or it can be used alongside half panelled walls for a contemporary twist on heritage design. With four enveloping colourways available: Crimson, navy, plum or green; you can create a cosy & captivating living space. 





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