DCO Colour Matches of the Year
DCO Colour Matches of the Year

Colour is emotive and can really enhance how we feel, so getting it right is such an important part of creating a space you can love. This year we’ve brought together a stunning palette of the most on trend paint colours of 2021, curated from the very best of the UK paint brands colours of the year. I’ve also included some of my own top picks to help you create on trend colour schemes for any space in 2021.

We love seeing the latest colour trends but have always thought it’s too hard to actually shop the colours; they are from multiple brands, often not directly paired with complementary colours and not always available in the finish and size you need for your project. So, we’re introducing the DCO Colour Matches of the Year to make decorating more straight forward in 2021.

To make things even simpler, we’ve re-named the colours and added them as a colour palette on our website. You’ll find the palette on each colour match product page.

Here’s a summary of the key trends for 2021 and an introduction to our nine colour matches of the year!

Happy Decorating



There has been a huge resurgence over the last year in milky, almondy, neutral tones as opposed to the hugely popular greys trend. This is continuing into 2021 and growing as we create cosy spaces in our homes. Taupe and neutral tones help to create a restful space which in turn brings a sense of comfort. A benefit of these neutral tones is they pair perfectly with other colours from the palette.


Grounded Tones

These earthy ground tones aim to create a safe, restful space in which we can take comfort from. Creating a welcoming interior to your space is said to reduce feelings of anxiety and allow you to really enjoy and love the space you're in. Earthy tones also help to create a chic and contemporary colour scheme, matching sleek modern furnishings or pairing brilliantly with your timeless classics. They also work with gold and brass fixtures.


Lush Greens

Greens arrived in style in 2020 but they are definitely here to stay for 2021. They have a powerful, restorative quality and aid contemplation and deep thought (perfect for those of us working from home and needing to utilise our spaces for productive work). They bring the outdoors in and with it all of the calming qualities of nature. These soft and smoky undertone greens (I call them moody greens!) are subdued, toned down and really provide a timeless colour scheme for your space. 


Warming Reds & Mulberry Tones

Our final featured trend is warming red and mulberry shades. It's said that in times of uncertainty we crave warmer tones that will help to provide a cosy sanctuary. Reds can come in two types of tone; bold and dramatic or warm and earthy. We've included the more warm, earthy tones, perfect for use in your lounges or bedrooms for a soothing and relaxing way to end your day.