Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas - 8 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Into a Stylish Sleep Space

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas - 8 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Into a Stylish Sleep Space

We spend a third of our lives in bed…

So it’s not hard to see why it’s so important that our bedrooms should be a comfortable haven to unwind, relax and reset. Creating a bedroom environment that promotes restful sleep every evening can have an ongoing positive impact on your sleep hygiene; which in turn will boost your overall wellbeing!

Although there are some key factors to consider when decorating for a healthy & stylish sleeping space, because we all have such different tastes there is no “one size fits all” formula! I’ve curated a list of 8 wallpapers that can be used to transform your bedroom in a way that promotes wellness and rest, based on your aesthetic!


1.   Get adventurous in the bedroom

If you’re a lover of a bold interior aesthetic, there are lots of ways you can incorporate this into your bedroom decor, such as colour drenching and colour blocking! By opting for a bold wallpaper that features mood enhancing colours, you can immediately transform your bedroom without steering away from your bold decor style. Our Muse Botanical Leaf wallpaper incorporates many wellness-encouraging elements with its eye catching botanical leaf pattern and warming, earthy tones such as ochre and rust orange. This textured leaf wallpaper can be used throughout the bedroom for a truly enveloping, cosy haven, or to create a statement feature wall with matching fabrics that pick out and emphasis its earthy colour palette.



2.   Create a serene sleeping space

If you would like to create a space that transports you to another world as you drift off, look no further than our Tropical Misty Landscape wallpaper! It truly captures the trend of bringing the outside in, featuring a misty rainforest canopy stretching into the distance. The mist rolling through the trees gives this stunning wallpaper an air of tranquillity; as if it were early morning in the rainforest while everything is calm & still. With two enchanting colours available including teal and taupe, this tropical wallpaper design is sure to send you off into a restful slumber!

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary — the place where you can relax and get some much-needed rest. To ensure that happens, it needs to be both stylish and comfortable. Taking the time to create a serene sleeping space will help improve your sleep quality and overall well-being. When it comes to revamping a bedroom, one of the most important items to consider is the bed — and what type would best suit your design aesthetic and comfort preferences. Remember, the size of your bed impacts more than just comfort level — it can shape the entire look of the room! Collections by Bedkingdom can be a great option to easily create your sanctuary in the comfort of your own home.




3.   Cosy up with enveloping shades and distressed natural textures

If I asked you to picture a cosy bedroom, you may think of soft furnishings such as plush pillows and snuggly throws. Something that you might not picture is distressed concrete! The truth is that natural stone textures are a fantastic alternative way to elevate the warmth in a room by creating a cosy, cocooning feeling. Our Elgon Concrete Textured wallpaper is a rustic, industrial wallpaper style that will transform any bedroom into an earthy haven! Its grainy texture gives dimension, while its marbled colours soften its appearance for a warm & inviting bedroom aesthetic. This gorgeous textured wallpaper comes in a range of deep, earthy tones including teal, ochre, burgundy, multi and natural.




4.   Send yourself to cloud 9

What’s more uplifting than wispy clouds rolling through the sky? Our Stratus Metallic Cloud Printed wallpaper may be low key, but it’s far from boring! This calming design features soft, abstract cloud shapes and metallic highlights, which mimic the sun’s rays casting a glowing light throughout the design. With four colourways including pink, navy, beige and blue; this wallpaper can be used to complement all bedroom decor. 





5.   Inject your bedroom with personality

Our Yasuni Oriental Tropical Bird Wallpaper is a stunning combination of some of our current favourite trending styles, such as Tropical, Jungle and Oriental wallpapers. It’s got buckets of personality with its brightly coloured, joyful exotic birds chirping to each other, while the elegant oriental florals & greenery bring a soft elegance to balance the design. This striking wallpaper comes in 5 eye catching shades, including plum, green, ochre, pink and natural.




6.   Add an element of warmth to your minimalist bedroom decor

You’ve likely heard about Biophilic design - but did you know that it’s not just about greenery? Biophilic design is all about reinforcing our connection to nature, by bringing organic textures into our homes such as plants, natural wood, and even stone textures! Our Nexus Wave Metallic Wallpaper is a unique textured wallpaper - the subtle wave pattern and flecks of earthy colours make me think of those stony caves you’d find in cliff sides! This 3D wallpaper is coated with a slight shimmer, which really brings the design to life when the light catches it. It comes in a choice of 4 eye catching colours to suit all styles: Grey, charcoal, neutral and teal.




7.   Drench your bedroom in luxury

Our Palm Tree Textured Metallic Plain Wallpaper is far from “plain”, despite its name! This sophisticated design comes in two of the most popular colours for luxury interior design - cream and natural. It has a Palm Tree-like texture and a subtle glimmering lustre that bounces light throughout the room, creating a truly luxurious aesthetic. It’s also fantastic for uneven walls - concealing those little lumps and bumps with its texture, and diffusing the light with its lustrous shimmer!





8.   Who said green isn’t your colour?!

Green is one of the most restful colours; it’s a colour of growth and restoration. By incorporating green colours into your bedroom decor, you can really make a positive impact on your sleep health! Our Retreat Large Leaf Floral Wallpaper has everything you need for a restful sleeping space - it’s a bright, tropical wallpaper design, however its colours have been softened to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm the space. It features large leaves & delicate flowers, and its soothing colour palette of pale green, muted teal and soft pink is the perfect recipe to encourage some much deserved R&R. As well as the pink & beige colourway, this gentle twist on tropical wallpaper is also available in a teal & cream colourway, and a monochromatic black & white colourway.




Feeling inspired?

I hope this guide has given you some inspiration for those bedroom mood boards you’ve been working on! There are a lot of styles and colours that we’re told we shouldn’t be using in the bedroom and we’re here to debunk those myths - you should never have to compromise on your personal taste and the flow of your home decor. Everyone deserves to truly love the space they live in and we are here to make sure you have everything you need to achieve your dream home goals!

To help you decide if your wallpaper of choice is suitable for your space, check out the product details and key features where we list the washability of the wallpaper, as well as the application method and even the pattern repeat!

We always recommend trying out wallpaper samples before committing to purchasing your wallpaper rolls; why not take advantage of our wallpaper sample service? We offer your first two wallpaper samples free of charge, and our samples are cut to a generous size with caring consideration of the wallpaper pattern.

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