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Ever wondered what those little symbols printed on the labels for your wallpaper mean? They can provide some very useful information so we’ve demystified them for you below!

This is something pretty easy to get us started, how to apply the product! Paste the wall is quite a recent development within wallpapers and usually helps us less experienced decorators with hanging wallpaper!

Don’t worry though, if you prefer to paste the paper then you can stick to the traditional method also!

So this is probably the most complicated bit about papering – the matching!

Free Match

Free Match – means that the pattern is not intended to be matched longitudinally at adjacent lengths. In simple speak, it means no need to line up the paper and you won’t get much waste on the roll!

Straight Match

Straight Match – means you need to match the pattern on adjacent lengths without any longitudinal displacement. The length of the repeat is also expressed as a number e.g 64cm. This means that you must line up your pattern on the wall in straight lines. The length of the repeat can indicate how much waste you will have.

Offset Match

Offset Match– means there is a longitudinal displacement in order to give the correct match on adjacent lengths. The amount of displacement is expressed as a number eg 64/32cm. 64cm is the pattern repeat, 32cm is the amount of displacement. In simple terms, the pattern will feature in diagonal lines.

These are the most common type of symbols you will see on your wallpaper but there are two others:

Reverse – each adjacent length would be reversed when hung.

Horizontal – lengths are hung horizontally on the wall.

In a nutshell, this symbol shows you how resistant to fading your wallpaper is. Useful to consider if your room gets a lot of natural light!

Cleaning is incredibly valuable information when considering where you’re going to hang your wallpaper! Kitchen and Bathrooms no longer need a specialist contour paper in them. You can use a vinyl wallpaper meaning much more selection in design and colours. Something durable in your hallway is also incredibly useful as it tends to be a high traffic room. Keep an eye out for these symbols to understand how much you’re going to be able to clean your wallpaper.

How ‘strippable’ your wallpaper is going to be is probably quite low down on the priority list however it’s still some quite useful information to bear in mind for when the time comes for a refresh of your room.

Strippable – you can remove the wallpaper simply by pulling it from the surface

Peelable – the top paper can be removed leaving behind the wallpaper backing.

Wet Removable – you would need to dampen the paper and then remove it with a scraper.

Last and most uncommon are impact resistant and duplex embossed and these are exactly as they’re described!