Our Top 5 Colours For West Facing Rooms

Our Top 5 Colours For West Facing Rooms

West facing rooms receive cool light first thing in the morning, with warmer light pouring in later in the day…

But don’t worry, you don’t need colour-shifting paint! (although how cool would that be?)

For West facing rooms, the best place to start is to consider when the room would be used the most - is it a bedroom where you’d like to wake up feeling calm and recharged in the morning?

Maybe it’s a living room that’s mostly used during the evenings after work? Whenever the room is used the most, this is generally when you’d want it to feel the most balanced. From this, you can determine whether you need a warm or a cool shade!

For example, if you spend your evenings in the living room you might want to maximise the warmth with red, pink or brown undertones for a truly cosy home ambience. Alternatively, cooler undertones such as blue, grey or violet will provide balance as they neutralise in the warm evening light.

To create a harmonious atmosphere in rooms that are most often used earlier in the day, avoid cooler tones as they could make the space feel stark and brisk. Instead, stick with warm undertones to knock back that cool natural light!


Soft Shadows

With ashen undertones to knock back cooler light, Soft Shadows is a perfect neutral for West facing rooms where more balance is needed earlier in the day. The crisp morning light will offset the warm undertones of this soft beige, creating a beautiful neutral shade that won’t overpower the space.


Our colour match Egyptian Cotton looks gorgeous in @bungalowneutral ‘s neutral living room! It has slightly ashen tones to keep cool light at bay, while remaining neutral.


Self Gratitude

Although it is a cooler, grey toned shade, this homely green is far from cold! Self Gratitude will work beautifully in a West facing room where balance is needed to offset the warmer evening light. It is a perfect shade to incorporate into your Biophilic home décor scheme, bringing the outside in and boosting your mental wellbeing.


@ourcosynest have used colour match NTB234 on their panelled wall and bench seat for a tranquil and cosy setting! This fresh green has just a hint of blue to counteract warmer light, without making the space feel cold during the cooler morning light.



Sweet Liquorice

A deliciously deep, dark charcoal grey with moody undertones! Sweet Liquorice is softer than a pure black, making it a perfect choice for a bold feature wall or an enveloping full room makeover. Although it is not particularly warm in tone, its depth of colour and character will provide all of the cosiness you could ask for, while embracing the natural light in your West facing room!


@home2style have embraced the dark side with our colour match NTB57 - a soft black - for a real dose of character! The addition of natural wood and off whites softens the overall appearance of the space, without cancelling out the impact of this bold off black shade.


Alpaca Greige

This soft, dusty neutral paint colour has captured everything that we love about greige! With more warmth than grey but more depth than beige, this versatile neutral shade works especially well in North facing rooms and West facing rooms by offsetting the light to create a more harmonious space - morning and evening!


Inverted Clouds looks incredible in @ourhawthornhideaways bedroom! This light, grey taupe also works incredibly well in North facing rooms and West facing rooms due to its warming pink undertones.


Gypsy Beads

Far from bubblegum, Gypsy Beads is a “grown up” pink with muted rose pigments. A true DCO favourite - this rich, earthy shade is bold, but not shouty! It is incredibly versatile and will work in any space, however its powdery, yet earthy, hues make it ideal for making a statement in your West facing room.


By using Gypsy Beads, @tinterior_design has created a space that will last for a good while! With a few quick updates to soft furnishings and accessories, this space will transform and grow with the little ones without the need to repaint.


Ready to roll?

We always recommend testing your paint colours - you can order your tester pot here, or grab one of our tester pot bundles here!

Pop decent sized swatches on all walls that you plan to paint and allow them to dry (for true colour reference, do two coats!), then monitor them over a 24 hour minimum period to see how the colour adjusts in natural light, as well as artificial light.

You can read more about finding your room orientation, as well as how to choose colours for North facing rooms, East facing rooms, South facing rooms and West facing rooms in our comprehensive guide. You can also learn more about which paint finish is best for your room in our handy interior paint finish guide.


Looking for a little more inspo? 

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