Our Top 5 Colours For South Facing Rooms

Our Top 5 Colours For South Facing Rooms

Drenched in clear, warm daylight from sunrise to sunset…

South facing rooms are the most desirable room orientation and are often seen as the most forgiving spaces because they’re so light and bright. This is mostly true, however there are still some key things to consider when you’re looking for the perfect colours to maximise this sun-drenched space!

Turn up the heat, or air it out

Radiant sunlight can wash out some colours, so it’s super important to keep this in mind when you’re considering the overall feeling you’d like to create. Do you want to boost the warm light, or soften it? Maybe you want to show your personality and go bold & bright? Once you know the overall feeling you’d like to create, choosing your South facing room colour will be so much easier! Here are a few helpful hints to give you a little more direction:


  • Off white, neutral and grey colours with crisp blue, green and violet undertones will bring balance by knocking out some of the intense warmth. This keeps the space feeling fresh, airy and not “too hot”.
  • To achieve a true middle ground neutral shade, go for cooler grey-based neutrals and mid-greys - they will neutralise in the warm light and take on a much warmer role!
  • Deep, moody colours take on a much more modest appearance in South facing rooms so you can afford to go darker; this will prevent them looking too powdery or washed out.


Our top 5 colours for South facing rooms



Cool White

A wintry white with cool lead undertones, Cool White will work beautifully in the clear, bright light of your South facing room! Use it throughout the space on its own, or pair it with deep blue shades or black for a crisp, monochromatic scheme. 


@visitnumber7’s dressing room is painted in our colour match “Simply White” - a clean, crisp white paint colour reminiscent of fresh snowfall, which beautifully reflects the temperature of its surroundings.




If you’re looking for a tranquil paint colour to boost your mental wellbeing, look no further than Mindset! A beautiful arctic blue softened with a hint of grey, this soothing shade has icy, true blue undertones which will neutralise in the glowing sunlight to create a calm and truly balanced atmosphere.


@bd_home know exactly how to take advantage of the golden sunlight in their living room! Our colour match “NTB299” is an earthy, blue grey shade, which transforms into a stunning muted aqua colour as it absorbs the warmth from South facing sunlight.




Just like the distinct layers of the Grand Canyon, this earthy rust orange shade radiates warmth & beauty. Canyon’s persimmon undertones are kept grounded with a hint of copper, so will work beautifully in any space! However when placed in the warm glowing light of a South facing room, this rustic shade will illuminate the space with its energy without looking too “primary”.


@harrymargotandme have used PPG Orange Clay to maximise the warmth in this gorgeous bedroom! Peach undertones lightly soften this bright, carrot orange paint colour to prevent it from overpowering the space.



Teal Tango

The perfect balance of green and blue, set with a grey undertone - Teal Tango’s dreamy turquoise hues will radiate in the warm light of a South facing room! Providing the ultimate feeling of cosiness and warmth, this striking teal paint colour would work beautifully in a number of rooms throughout your home, including the living room or even as a bold hallway colour.


Our timeless COTY 02 is a saturated green blue with a viney undertone. When placed in the warm light of @housenumber6_ bedroom, the smoky grey undertones are neutralised - creating a cosy, warm atmosphere.



Deep Breath

Just like a deep breath on a crisp Autumn walk - this soft grey is cool and fresh, with a minty undertone. If you’re looking to create a soothing space where you can truly recharge, consider embracing Biophilic design and introduce more green in your home decor. Green reconnects us with nature by bringing the outside in, creating balanced spaces that promote mental wellbeing.


COTY 04 - a soft, grey green with grassy undertones, is a DCO favourite! When placed in the glowing sunlight of @home_in_erc ‘s South facing nursery room, the grey pigment absorbs the warmth and bounces it back to create this stunning neutral green paint colour.



Ready to roll?

We always recommend testing your paint colours - you can order your tester pot here, or grab one of our tester pot bundles here!

Pop decent sized swatches on all walls that you plan to paint and allow them to dry (for true colour reference, do two coats!), then monitor them over a 24 minimum period to see how the colour adjusts in natural light, as well as artificial light.

You can read more about finding your room orientation, as well as how to choose colours for North facing rooms, East facing rooms, South facing rooms and West facing rooms in our comprehensive guide. You can also learn more about which paint finish is best for your room in our handy interior paint finish guide.

Looking for a little more inspo?

We have tons of home decor inspiration on Instagram & Pinterest, and you can always contact us. Whether you have product related queries, or if you would simply like a second opinion on your colour options, we’re always happy to offer our expert advice.

Helen x


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