Bedroom Wallpaper

Whether its a calm and peaceful vibe you're going for or more of a modern statement design choice, our collection of bedroom wallpapers include our most popular prints and colours including industrial, geometric and floral themes.

Our top tip on picking the perfect bedroom wallpaper

Selecting the perfect bedroom wallpaper can be tough, so to help narrow down the search we recommend asking yourself the single most important question -

How do you want your bedroom to make YOU feel? Do you prefer a wallpaper print that feels bright and modern and helps you to start the day in the best way, or do you prefer a more dark and cosy print that calls your names as soon as you get back after a long day. Dark colours absorb light, making walls appear closer and the room smaller. Textured surfaces also tend to make a wall look darker.

Should i include a feature wall in my bedroom?

The decision is completely up to you! If you are looking to create a focal point in your bedroom, then a feature wall is the perfect choice. Feature wallpapers also give you the option of going really bold with your wallpaper choices, without overwhelming the room too much.

Picking an appropriate wallpaper design is also super important to remember when deciding on a feature wall, for example if you want to showcase your new television or artwork, then you don’t want a pattern that is too distracting. In our bedroom wallpaper collection, we have pulled together the perfect mixture of plain, textured and patterned designs to help you make up your mind.

What styles of wallpaper are good for using in bedrooms?

There are so many styles and prints that are perfect for using as bedroom wallpapers. Some of our favourite designs include:

  • Arty floral feature walls - Floral features walls are ideal for using in bedrooms, requiring minimal paper but maximising the decorative impact. Some of our favourite floral designs can be found here
  • Metallic Wallpaper - Adding pattern to your bedroom in a metallic finish is a great way of grabbing even more attention! Metallic wallpaper designs help to bounce light around the room, to create an airy vibe – these particular wallpapers are ideal for using in smaller bedrooms.
  • Geometric Wallpaper - This style of wallpaper generally works best when used displayed on a feature wall with plainer surrounding walls. Geometric wallpapers are perfect for using in contemporary bedrooms and will instantly create a dramatic focal point, no matter what shape or size your bedroom is. 

Need more help searching for the perfect bedroom wallpaper?

If you are still struggling to find a bedroom wallpaper to suit, we have a couple of suggestion that may help, firstly why not make use of our wallpaper finder, which has been designed to help narrow down your search by style, colour and room.

Our friendly team of decorating experts are also on hands to help you find the perfect print, ways in which you can contact us can be found here. You can also find lots of inspirational imagery available on our instragram, pintrest and facebook