Rust-Oleum Weather Resistant Garden Paint

The Rust-Oleum Garden Paint allows you to decorate garden furniture, fences & brickwork easily. With 110 colours on the colour chart, get the colours you need for your garden

A stunning range of paint colours designed to refresh and reinvigorate your garden. Become the envy of your neighbours by using the Rust-Oleum Garden Paint on your garden furniture, fence and walls. With this garden paint there is no need to prime as the paint can be applied straight to the surface and is designed to protect.

With 110 colours in the range, you’ll be sure to find the colour you are looking for. Whether it’s a subtle blue like Powder Blue, a deeper blue like Evening Blue or a brighter option for your furniture such as Raspberry Ripple.

Leaving a smooth matt finish, this garden paint is scrubbable and has been specifically formulated to last many seasons no matter the weather. Extremely easy to apply, it can be applied with either a paint brush or roller. When applying brush you should brush with the grain of the wood and when rollering be sure to use a short to medium nap mohair roller.

With lockdown garden projects proving so popular, there is now plenty of inspirational garden projects to recreate on a low budget and the Rust-Oleum Garden Paint is the perfect paint for bringing these visions to life. These include creating a relaxing seating area with recycled pallets or upcycling old plastic plant pots.

What surfaces can I use the Rust-Oleum Garden Paint on?

Ideal to be used on exterior wood, brick, stone, plaster or any suitably-primed rigid surface (such as metal and plastic). On most surfaces there is no need to prime or sand but on rougher surfaces this may be required. Brush the Garden Paint onto the bare surface or over the old paint or varnish.

Is the Rust-Oleum Garden Paint weatherproof?

Designed and developed with British weather in mind, the paint has been formulated with a biocide to protect against mould and algae. The paint film is durable when dry and becomes resistant to cracking, peeling and blistering for up to 6 years before first maintenance dependent on conditions.

The weather proof properties give the Rust-Oleum Garden Paint excellent water resistant protection.

What sizes does the Rust-Oleum Garden Paint come in?

The Rust-Oleum Garden paint can only currently be bought in 750ml tins but is due to be available in 2.5L tins very soon. The paint can cover up to 14m² per litre.

Can I test the Rust-Oleum Garden Paint first?

We offer 10ml tester sachets of the Rust-Oleum page we can be found on the individual product pages which allows you to test the colour before buying a full tin. The tester sachets are 99p and allow you to make sure you are 100% happy with the colour you have chosen. We would always recommend testing paint colours before painting as colours can look different in different lighting and in different times of the day.