The Garden Inspiration We All Need!

The Garden Inspiration We All Need!

As we seem to be getting some sudden bursts of sunshine at the moment we've all started to focus on some of our exterior projects! I've quickly rounded up a few faves which focus on different styles or areas of your exterior to provide some additional inspiration before you get started!



Emma has absolutely transformed her garden using shade 'Gray Suit', a midtone, cool, slate grey with a charcoal undertone on her fencing and Swirling Smoke, a light, grey, modern greige with a mahogany undertone on her sleepers. She's opted for our Quick Dry Opaque Wood Finish for this project simply type the colour name into the colour match box at the link above!



Lovely Steph has created a gorgeous country garden scheme using a colour match we code NTB17. It's a stunning green shade with subtle grey tones which blends seamlessly with the greenery of the garden! Steph used our hugely popular All Coat for this project! Just type this code into the colour match box for the same shade!


Roxanne road tested the fantastic new Rust-Oleum Garden Paint in shade Half Light on the walls, Cocoa on the furniture and Charcoal on her trellis. A gorgeous colour scheme creating the perfect garden sanctuary!

Carly has created such a fun garden feeling with this amazing vibrant blue tone for her walls which is called Oasis and pairs perfectly with the deeper charcoal tones of her home and fencing! She opted for our Truguard Smooth Masonry for this project!



Nicola's amazing garden renovation must be seen to be believed! They finished their amazing newly build seating area with our Truguard Smooth Masonry paint tinted to a designer colour match we code NTB241 which is a stony, off white shade with warm grey undertones. Just type the code into the colour match box on the link above to order!



Carrie-Anne rescued her fence with this gorgeous designer colour match we code NTB04. Its a soft grey with green undertones making it a perfect choice in a garden! She opted for All Coat for this project due it its excellent coverage and 15 year life! Just pop this code into the colour match box at the link above!


So What's Next?

So there you have it, a quick round up of inspiration to hopefully get you ready for tackling your great outdoors! If you're happy with a colour then next you need to work out which product you need for the job at hand. Luckily we've just written a blog on this here! If you know which product you need then fantastic you can just head to the colour match page and drop the colour name into the colour match box! As always if you require any further help or advice we're always here if you just want to drop us a message/call/email!


Happy Decorating! xoxo

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