Our Top 5 Favourite Dulux Heritage Paint Colours

Our Top 5 Favourite Dulux Heritage Paint Colours

We’re a marketplace for all of your decorating needs, making sure we stock the brands and product types you need for any decorating project in your home. It's why we decided to add Dulux Heritage to our product collection over the past few months and this gorgeous paint has been flying off the shelves!

A few weeks ago we shared a post highlighting where the Heritage product and range of colours came from. Steeped in history with the addition of the most popular contemporary shades for your home interiors with fantastic quality to boot but we were lacking one key question… which are our favourite shades? So here is a run down of our top 5 and which rooms I’d pop them into!


Mid Umber

Mid Umber is described a deep, warm, earth tone which takes its name from one of the first pigments ever used by man. From its early beginnings in cave paintings to its heyday during the baroque period, Umber has been valued for the range of authentic colours it can achieve. This gorgeous earthy neutral has pink undertones which work perfectly in north facing or west facing rooms to help warm up your surroundings. I love it in a living space like the one below or for a beautiful bedroom or bathroom design!



Waxed Khaki

Waxed Khaki is a distinctive deep grey/green that combines the beauty and versatility of a cool neutral and the calming qualities of lush botanical greens. In the late Victorian period such greens came back into fashion as bolder colours made way for increasingly muted, restful shades. This stunning green shade is the perfect choice for an east facing room which gets cooler light in the evening with this shade helping to create a calming and cosy space due to its depth. Waxed Khaki would work beautifully in a bedroom as pictured below in addition to a kitchen or rooms which feed the outdoors living space of your home to connect your room with nature.


Indian White

Indian White is an extremely flexible pale, warm white that captures the purity and optimism of a bright spring morning. A soft and understated addition to any room it has warmth but still feels light and airy enough to use in even the darkest of corners. We’re asked for off-white recommendations multiple times a day and this gorgeous shade is one to seriously consider! Due to its warmer undertones it would work perfectly in a north facing room to help keep it bright but warm the space and also in a south facing room where red based neutrals such as this one can create a warmer feel.


Forest Grey

Forest Grey is a deep luxurious grey/green with more than a breath of mystery. This enigmatic, botanical neutral provides a dramatic yet understated backdrop to other tones of green or a dynamic contrast to petal pinks. A statement grey is really important to have in your arsenal at the moment due to the huge trend of painting your woodwork in a contrasting shade. We love the use of forest grey in this hallway to make a statement of your staircase and woodwork but also by using the half and half method on your walls, it heightens the room to help it appear larger. This gorgeous green grey would be a great option for a north facing room as whilst its dark, it's sometimes better to embrace the darker tones in these rooms to create a cost and cocooning space.


Romney Wool

Romney Wool is an immaculate, pale neutral and a safe pair of hands in any room. In terms of hue it is a very pale taupe, giving it a cooler appearance than a cream of the same depth and therefore much more flexibility regarding the colours it can be combined with; an all-round gem. We can’t say enough about finding your perfect neutral. It's a staple to bring your home together and can be the centre point of your schemes to help your home flow. Due to the warmer undertones tones of Romney Wool, this gorgeous taupe would be suitable to use in any room of your home and is the perfect companion for so many paint and accessory colour schemes from greens to pinks, navy’s to bold blacks!



Don’t forget the Heritage collection is available in two high-quality finishes: Velvet Matt for a soft-to-touch feel on walls and Eggshell for stunningly smooth woodwork and metal.

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