Scalloped Edge Colour Blocking Tutorial - Steph Bradshaw @lust_life_designs

Scalloped Edge Colour Blocking Tutorial - Steph Bradshaw @lust_life_designs

The lovely Steph tagged us in this amazing room transformation for her little one and I loved that she had taken the scalloped colour blocking style and quite literally turned it on its head to transform the bedroom ceiling! Steph helpfully popped a few stories onto her Insta showing how she had achieved the look so I cheekily asked her if she wanted to immortalise these (rather than them disappear after 24 hours!) and be my first guest on the blog! So without further ado...over to you Steph!


Freehand Scallop Edge

I'm sure you've all seen this playful, wavy paint technique pop up in your insta just in case you fancy giving it a try yourself I thought I'd put my two penn'orth on how to achieve this look!



I decided to start with a painted line to work from, rather than scalloping first and painting up (or down if you're going the other way to me!). Up close there is the lightest line where the crisp masking tape edge is, but if perfection is what you're after, this might not be the effect for you anyway!


Ingredients (or Tools!)

  • sharp pencil and sharpener
  • scissors
  • card (I used a cereal box...shredded wheat to be precise!)
  • bowl or plate or round thing
  • paint brush (I used the middle one in the image its a 20mm sash brush.)
  • paint & a container (the colour match is from a designer chart but colour match from Decorating Centre Online obvs! It was honestly mega! Just 2 coats for all the ceiling and scallops!


One of my favourite tips was from another insta account (@pagesofemma) to mark on the bowl/plate with a pen where to level it up to on the wall to keep your scallops at the same depth. I couldn't draw on my spotty Emma Bridgewater so I marked it off with tape. I also stuck a scrap piece in at the bottom to remind me which way up I was holding the bowl. I lined up the tape with the straight edge on the wall and used a pencil to make my scalloped edge. 

Corners And Edges?

I made a shredded wheat template of my scallop section for difficult areas such as door frames. Using the cardboard meant I could bend and flex the template where needed and worked perfectly!

Ready, Set, Paint!

I started in an area I thought might be covered up whilst I got the hang of the free hand painting to the pencil line. It was surprisingly easy though! Make sure your brush has plenty of paint on and just trust yo-self. I don't have a particularly steady hand so I took it slow and steady and they look bob on!


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