Monochromatic Colour Schemes
Monochromatic Colour Schemes

The definition of monochromatic is to contain or use only one colour. In interior design this isn’t taken quite as literally so as not to overwhelm the room. If you’re opting for a monochromatic style you choose one colour and use tones, shades and tints of that same colour. By using these variations of the same colour you can help to make a room look larger so it’s the perfect scheme to opt for in a smaller room. Here is some stunning inspoiration I found on pinterest of neutral monochromatic schemes.

There are bold options when going for a monochromatic style but based on my pinterest inspo I’ve actually opted to show a neutral palette of Greige and Grey tones that you can pull from to coordinate your painted features in your room. You could go for the same tone from top to bottom; woodwork, ceiling and walls or you could use the varying tones to add the depth, cosiness and interest to the room. Its then important for you to add texture and shape to your room to really complete the look.


If you're reading this and thinking where do I start then here are a few tips to try and help you plan/mood board!

The monochromatic colour scheme starts with a colour that you truly love and could easily live with. It may be that they are your more expensive items that you’ve already invested in and can’t change such as flooring or sofas. Then from the remainder of the colour palette image pick out your paint colours for the walls, woodwork and ceiling. You may opt for the same on walls and woodwork as this is a big trend or you may be able to subtly break it up by going one shade down between them. Finally utilise the colour strip to add your accessories, curtains cushions, rugs, wall art etc. to complete this monochromatic look.

If our two charts aren’t quite the right set of shades for you then don’t forget you can browse the voice of colour chart here and look at the shades in colour strips really easily see below. Follow the shading strip to create your own monochromatic look!

Here are a few examples I found on pinterest of other beautiful monochromatic rooms with a bolder palette to help give you some further inspiration if you’re going to give this style a try! Let me know how you get on! google images