Everything You Need to Know About Colour Match Paint

Everything You Need to Know About Colour Match Paint

"Getting the right finish, in a high quality but cost effective product, in 1,000's of colours including designer brands - thats Colour Match @ DCO."

If you want Colour Match Paint, you’ve come to the right place!


Colour matching paint is the process of selecting a specific colour and having it mixed in the best paint product for your project. 

You can have a tester pot mixed or larger quantity if you desire.

High-quality paints are used in our Colour Mixing Service. This means you can get your chosen colour in higher quality paint than you would if you were to buy off the shelf - and at a much more reasonable price. Colour matching is also known by professional decorators as paint tinting.

We all know that the options are endless. Selecting the right colour can often be difficult which is why we provide lots of advice and guidance. From colour matching with furniture and accessories to creating bold contrasting looks that reflect your personality and much more. If you are struggling for inspiration when choosing a colour or need decorating tips, we recommend taking a look at our Instagram page.

Once you have chosen your colour it is important to ensure you order it in the best paint product and finish for the job, we can help with this too. 

We understand how important it is to get the right colour for you, no matter what your style or look that you’re going for, which is why we make it as simple and inexpensive as possible.

The topics we will cover are:

  • How to Colour Match Paint?
  • Choosing the Perfect Colour for your Home
  • Test, Test and Test Again
  • What Paint Finish should I use for my Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Hallway, Kid’s Room etc.?
  • Can I Colour Match Outdoor Paint?
  • Colour Matching Options: Big Brand Colours & Palette Colours
  • Myth Busters & Reviews
  • Help Painting my Home

How to Colour Match Paint?

It is as simple as knowing your Brand & Colour Name and we can easily match from there!

Simply follow our step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Click on our Colour Match Page

Step 2: Type in Brand & Name of Colour in the Free Text Field or choose your perfect shade from our colour palette. (We match 15,000+ colours so the chances are, we can match exactly the colour you want)

You can always get in touch with us if you need any other help with picking your perfect colour.

Step 3: Choose Walls or Woodwork

Step 4: Choose Your Perfect Finish

If you’re unsure on which finish would be perfect for you, check out our blog post ‘Types of Paints (& the Best Ways to Use them)’ for some more info on the best paint finishes for you.

Remember, you can always DM us on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, chat to us on our Live Chat or even give us a call on 01388 655844 for some help and guidance.

Step 6: Choose how much you’ll need

Step 7: Choose your final quantity

Step 8: Add to Cart and you’re done!

It really is that simple, but if you have any problems, just contact us and we’ll always be happy to help. We have also created a video (see below) which helps you through the process.

TOP TIP: If you know your Brand & Colour Name, all you need to do is type them into the free text field. If not, we have colour palettes on our individual colour match products with a list of paint colours for you to choose from.



Choosing the Perfect Colour for your Home

Choosing the perfect colour for your project can be a tricky business.

You may be thinking: “What colour should I have in my living room”

“Should I have the same colour scheme throughout all my rooms or different colours in different rooms?”

“How does colour matching work?”

With so many colours to choose from, you’re probably finding it quite difficult to even narrow down what you want.

However, the best way to start figuring out the perfect colour scheme for your space is to look up some inspiration.

Check Out Social Media

Our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest all have fab inspirational room sets, as well as colour palettes for you to look at and decide what you like.

Bookmarking these posts and gathering some images of what you like can be a brilliant way of narrowing down what you prefer.

Eyeball it

If getting a perfect colour match isn’t a top priority for you, matching your paint by eye is a fab way of getting the colour you want.

If you have a fabric or thread colour in mind, you can always try and find a close match to it by looking around for some colours which are perfectly suited for you.

Compare Paint Charts & Chips

Getting a hold of some paint colour charts or paint chips is a fab way of finding the perfect colour for you. Not only do you get a full spectrum on what is available, but you can also see what will work with the fabric or room you’ve chosen to decorate.

Below are some fab colour palettes that you can look at on our social media platforms for some inspiration:















To get a tester or a full-sized tin of these colours, just pop onto our colour match page, and type in the PPG code above.

Create a Moodboard

For more inspiration, you can even create a quick mood board to see if your colour scheme will work with your accessories and furniture.

Or you can check out our blog ‘Designing a Mood Board | Decorating Centre Online’ for some help with this.

Chat to Us

If you’re still unsure on colour schemes or even where to start with the colour scheme for your project, you can always DM us, or chat to us on Live Chat for some help and direction towards what would suit you and your home.


TOP TIP: If you’re wanting to narrow down a colour, find a colour scheme you love first, it’ll make it so much easier for you to find a colour once you know the scheme you’re wanting to match.


Tester Pot | Decorating Centre Online

Test, Test and Test Again

So, you’ve chosen a colour scheme you love, now it’s time to choose some specific colours.

Thankfully, our tester pots are available in over 19,000 colours and we can colour match them to Big Brand colours too!

Now, this may seem like a lot, but don’t worry, all you need to do is choose a few of your favourites and test them out on your walls.

Test Colours on your Walls

Test your paint colour on the wall that they are going to be painted onto is the best way to test your colours as it will give the most accurate feel of the colour in your space.

Colours can look so different depending on lighting, space etc. which is why we recommend testing on the wall that you want to paint. 

This will give you the most accurate indication of your chosen colour and will allow you to see the colour in the different lights of the day alongside your furniture, accessories etc.

Live with the colour a little while, you may find that your opinion on the colour changes the more time you spend with it


TOP TIP: We don’t recommend testing your colours on paper as this can give a very inaccurate image of what the final colour will look like on your walls. As our tester pots are designed for use on walls, the true colour can deviate when painted onto paper.


Don’t forget to test them in different areas in the room so that you can see what it will look like in different lights too.

So, sit down with a nice cuppa, wait for your paint to dry, and choose your favourite.

Check out our handy guide on how to use tester pots in your spaces:


Tester Pots | Decorating Centre Online

What Paint Finish should I use?

Now, this part can be as difficult as choosing your colour, if not trickier.

There are lots of paint finishes to choose from for all the different spaces within your house. To help, we’ve compiled a few lists of the best one’s for each room, we hope this helps.

Living Room:




Kid’s Bedroom:


If you need a more detailed guide, check out our blog on ‘Paint Finishes Explained & the Best Places to Use Them’ for more info!


TOP TIP: If you’re confused on which paint finish will be perfect for you, check out one of our guides on paint finishes ‘Types of Paint & How to Use Them’ or have a quick look at the product description for more info.


What Types of Paint can I Colour Match?

We have a wide variety of paint finishes that we can colour match, for both interior and exterior use.

Our interior paints include, but are certainly not limited to:

Our exterior paints include, but are certainly not limited to:

Can I Colour Match Outdoor Paint?

Quick answer: Yes

Colour match paint can be used almost anywhere - as long as you choose the right paint finish for the material and space you’re painting.

Front Doors

The best way to paint your Front Doors is by using our Zinsser AllCoat Paint! It’s a brilliant, multi-purpose paint designed for both interior and exterior use.

Our Front Door & Garage Door Paint Bundle has everything you need to paint your front doors in one handy place.

This bundle includes:

  • DCO Colour Match of Zinsser Allcoat
  • Zinsser Universal Degreaser & Cleaner
  • Paint Brush
  • Low-Tac Masking Tape
  • Dust Sheet


@style.less.home Front Door & Garage Door Paint Bundle | Decorating Centre Online

uPVC Front Doors

These types of front doors can be painted using our bundle too, however, you might also need to use the Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 primer as well to give an extra layer of adhesion for your topcoat of paint to stick onto.

For more information on how to paint your front doors- uPVC, composite, solid wood or otherwise- you can have a quick look at our blog.

We can also colour match paint for exterior surfaces like masonry, pebbledash, brick, sheds, fences and others too.

All you have to do is pop on to our Colour Match Page for Specialist Applications and follow the step-by-step guide.


Colour Match Page for Specialist Applications | Decorating Centre Online

Myth Busters

Do I need a code to Colour Match Paint?

Although you may think you need a complicated code or another odd-looking formula to colour match your paint, it’s actually quite simple.

All you need is the Brand & the Colour Name and you’re done. We do the rest for you.

Or, you can choose a colour from our extensive colour palettes. If you've ordered with us before and need paint in exactly the same colour, please add the name of the machine it was mixed on to your selection. This should be on the paint label stuck to the tin.

Do I need to send a sample to you to get it colour matched?

No sample needed. We can match to the Brand & Colour Name alone.

Can we colour match a piece of fabric/wallpaper?

We can do our best to match your chosen fabric/wallpaper. This will be done by our expert team by eye.

The best way to get a match on your fabric or wallpaper is to get in touch with one of our team to help you out.

How accurate is Colour Match Paint?

Rather than using scanners- which can often be inaccurate- our Colour Match Paint is an accurate service as we match using a formula created in lab conditions by our expert Colour Match Team.

We match our colours to big brand colour charts, and, although our matches are very accurate, there can be a 10% variance in colour.

Can you match discontinued colours?

Yes, we can. Simply type in the Brand & Colour Name (just like usual) and we’ll be able to match that for you.

Remember, you can always get in touch if you’re unsure.

Reviews & recommendations:

Colour Matching Options: Big Brand Colours & Palette Colours

Bringing the perfect colour into your spaces can make such an incredible difference to your home.

From matching with your furniture and accessories to creating a bold look that reflects your personality, creating your home can be as simple as a lick of paint.

With over 19,000 colours to choose from, you may be wondering where to begin to choose your colours for your project

Lucky for you we know and love them all and are here to help.

Here are a few options to choose from:

Option 1: Big Brand Colours

As mentioned earlier, we can match to Big Brand Colours too and it’s really easy to do.

Just go on to our colour match page and type in your Brand & Colour Name in the free text field and then choose your quantity and finish.

As you know we can match over 19,000 so we will most likely be able to match the colour you’re looking for.

As an added bonus, we will be able to match the one you want at just a fraction of the price.

We can even match discontinued colours so you can always have the colours you love, even when you can’t buy them anywhere else!

Option 2: Palette Colours

If you don’t want to colour match a specific brand, but you’re wanting high-quality colour match paint, you can always choose a colour from our extensive colour palette range.

With so many colours to choose from, you’ll definitely find a colour which is perfect for your project.

Option 3: Ask Us

Finding your perfect colour is hard. Trust us, we know.

With so many colours to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the perfect colour for you and for your house too.

With over 34 years’ experience in the decorating industry, we will provide you with expert advice, guidance, inspiration and support for products and projects.

Don’t forget, we offer a fantastic range of decorating products for any application, style or project including paint, wallpaper and tools.

You can always ask us for some help and guidance to find your perfect Colour Match Paint, wallpaper, or decorating tool so please get in touch.

However, if you’ve found your perfect shade and you’re wondering whether you can match a specific colour, but you’re unsure whether we can match it or not, you can always contact us.

Do you need some help painting your home?

Painting may seem like a daunting task. From choosing your paint finishes to preparation work and even cleaning the room, painting can be a long, difficult and laborious process.

However, it doesn’t have to be. At DCO, we have made it simple to colour match your paint. All you need is the brand and the colour name, or you can choose from our huge array of colours in our colour palettes.

We can also help you throughout the process, from choosing your perfect finish, colours, tools and other necessary additions, we can help you out with all your decorating needs. From inspiration on our Instagram and Facebook feeds, to our Exclusive Facebook Community, you’re just a click away from joining a community of passionate decorators and DIYers.

Browse our full range of brands and finishes of Colour Match Paint


Please don’t hesitate to pop us a DM on our Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest pages, you can Live Chat us on our Website too or even email on [email protected]k or just give us a ring on 01388 655844 for some advice on what colours we can match and whether we can match the colour you’ve chosen.

There’s no question too big or too small and we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s get social!





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