New Arrivals

With over 1000 wallpapers to choose from, whether you are decorating your living room, bedroom or kitchen, we are sure to have a wallpaper to suit your style!

Introducing our collection of "New Arrival" wallpapers, in this stylish collection you will find the latest wallpaper trends, styles and prints to add a quick and easy re-touch of to any room.

From bold and vibrant wallcoverings to soft and subtle patterns, we at Decorating Centre Online are confident that this wallpaper collection will contain every print and pattern to suit every interior style. With everything from kitchen wallpaper to bedroom wallpaper, this contemporary collection of wallcoverings are also available in an extensive list of colours, so whether you are needing a luxurious black wallpaper to add a touch of luxury to your living room, or searching for the perfect pink wallpaper for you little one's bedroom, we are sure to have something that will suit your wall beautifully. To make it easier for you and narrow down your search for the perfect wallpaper we have split our rooms up into sections, so you can shop for bathroom wallpaper, dining room wallpaper and hallway wallpaper and find the perfect wallpaper to suit that room completely. 

Searching for a particular wallpaper style? Then you can also narrow down your search by selecting exactly what it is you are searching for, with everything from marble wallpapers, damask wallpapers and wood panelling wallpapers, again we are sure you won't be looking to long before you find the perfect print for you.  

Here at DCO we want you to love decorating your walls and we know a fashion forward and stylish wallpaper is the perfect first step to a stunning new interior decor and style. If you are needing some extra help with your search, then you can always contact our team of experts, ways in which you can contact us can be found here.  

Another way you can help to narrow down your wallpaper search is by trying out some wallpaper samples and you're in luck because your first wallpaper samples and postage are completely free. If you are looking for more than just two wallpaper samples, then don't worry every wallpaper sample after your first two, are only 75p and delivery is still completely free.