Oil Based Paint

Oil based paint is generally seen as a durable coating for substrates such as woodwork and metal and can be used both for interior and exterior surfaces. Oil based paints, also known as solvent based paints, usually come in satin, gloss & eggshell finishes.

What is Oil Based Paint?

Often higher sheen paints due to the makeup of the paint, oil based paints are made using organic solvents and have a high VOC level. This makes them extremely durable and good for use in high traffic areas.

With the increase in popularity of water based paints, oil based paints are seen as more a traditional coating to use but many decorators still prefer them due to the durability and better final finish.

Where Should I Use Oil Based Paint?

Oil based paint is traditionally used to get a high sheen or glossy finish on interior surfaces such as kitchen cupboards, doors, skirting boards, radiators & other wood or metal surfaces. Due to the makeup of the paint, dirty finger prints or other marks can easily be wiped of oil based paint finishes.

Solvent based paints are also ideal for use in areas subject to high humidity like kitchens and bathrooms. They are also generally higher traffic areas which means they need to be as knock and scratch resistant as possible.

Finally, oil based paint is a great solution for exterior wood and metal surfaces. They are less effected by differing weather conditions when applying and the durable nature of the paint means it generally has high levels of weather resistance.

How to Clean Paint Brushes After Using Oil Based Paint

Oil Based paint can be tough to remove from your paint brushes. First we'd recommend using a good quality paint brush when applying oil based paint in order to achieve the best possible finish.

To clean them use a paint thinner and cleaner like the Osmo Brush Cleaner & Thinner. This can also be used after applying wood stains and oils.

Remove as much excess paint back into the tin before cleaning and then use the brush thinner to clean your brushes thoroughly. Soak the brush in the thinner for 1-2 hours and then dry them with an old cloth. Wash with warm soapy water and then leave them to dry in a well ventilated area.

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