Masking Paper & Masking Tape

Browse through our range of quality masking tape and masking paper, providing neat, professional lines and protection for furniture and surfaces whilst painting. Choose from our collection of top quality brands including ProDec, Q1 and Masq.

What is Masking Tape?

Masking tape is a light adhesive that can be applied to a wide range of surfaces making it ideal for using on professional and DIY painting jobs. Designed to leave a sharp and professional painting edge, painting with masking tape is easy and also ensures a clean removal after the job is done. 

Available in a large collection of width sizes, masking tape is easy to use, unwind and tear off.

What is Masking Paper?

Masking paper offers professional surface protection, protecting surfaces against paint drips and flaking. Suitable for using on a wide range of areas, masking paper is especially useful for masking floors, doors, windows and kitchen cupboards. 

Popular Masking Tapes & Masking Papers

Q1 Tape - Designed to use on a wide range of decorating and DIY jobs, our collection of Q1 masking tapes include:

  • Q1 Delicate Surface Masking Tape - Suitable for using on both smooth or slightly textured surfaces, the Q1 Delicate masking tape has been designed for the preservation of delicate surfaces during painting.
  • Q1 Precision Line Masking Tape - Delivering extra sharp paint edges, the Q1 Precision masking tape is ideal for using on smooth surfaces.
  • Q1 Sensitive Masking Tape - An ultra delicate masking tape, this sensitive making tape has been designed to paint delicate lines on surfaces including plaster, wallpaper and freshly painted walls. 

ProDec Advance Precision Edge Masking Tape - A low tac, sleek and strong decorating tape, the ProDec masking tape helps to create razor sharp lines and a bleed free finish. 

Q1 Handy Masking Paper Roll - Designed to protect larger surface areas, the Q1 masking paper is reliable and quick to apply. Available in a range of sizes, simply cut and fix in place wherever you need. 

Masq Tape and Drape 90 Day Gold - The Masq tape and drape is an effective way of protecting your windows, flooring and more from paint splatters and splashes. Creating a sealed edge, this Masq Tape and Drape keeps your dust sheet in place as you paint.

How Should I Apply Masking Tape?

When applying masking tape ensure that you are starting with a nice, clean surface. Apply the tape as close to the surface as you can, pressing gently down to make sure that it is firmly in place. If you not feeling confident go for shorter strips rather than longer ones. 

How To Remove Masking Tape

To remove masking tape peel your tape off gently and carefully, pulling it towards you firmly and slowly. If paint has already dried to the tape, score the area with a sharp knife, ensuring you don't cut the wall.

Why Are Masking Tapes Different Colours?

In most cases different coloured masking tapes are designed to help you differentiate between what their different purposes are. They can also help to make the tape stand out more clearly against a plain background.