Paint Brushes

Whether you're looking for a wall and ceiling paint brush, masonry paint brush or exterior paint brush, here at DCO we pride ourselves on having a superb collection of brushes available from the top brands. Featuring a variety of sizes and paint brushes for almost every DIY project, you'll be painting your way to perfection in no time!

Paint Brushes

An essential tool for your painting and decorating tool kit, choosing the perfect paint brush has never been so important. Whether you are looking to cover a large area or needing a paint brush to help you reach though harder to-reach areas, our collection of brushes are sure to provide your surfaces with a professional and high quality finish. With paint brushes available from the top brands such as, ProDec, Purdy, Wooster & Harris we have everything available for singular paint brushes, paint brush sets and Multi purpose block brushes. 

Our most popular paint brushes

ProDec Premier Synthetic Paint Brush - Available in a range of sizes, this high quality Synthetic paint brush provides your surfaces with a a perfectly smooth and professional finish. Delivering excellent pick up as a result of the perfect compact bristle design, the ProDec paint brush is ideal for using with water based gloss & emulsion paints. 

Purdy Pro-Extra & XL Monarch Brush Set - ( 5 Pack ) -Featuring a set of 5 Purdy paint brushes, this extra value box set feature wooden beaver tail handles, stainless steel ferrules and straight cut heads. Picking up and laying off more paint for greater productivity on the job, these collection of brushes are also perfect for working with oil based paints. 

ProDec Shed and Fence Brush 4" - Specifically designed for a wide variety of timber stains as well as preservatives and creosotes, this ProDec paint brush features a mixture of pure and synthetic bristles providing your surfaces with a professionally smooth finish. 

Wooster Gold Edge Angle Sash Brush - Available in a range of sizes, this high quality Wooster paint brush is made from an exclusive formula of white and gold chemically tipped (CT™) polyester, helping to achieve excellent control and smoothing. Virtually eliminating any sign of brush marks, this Gold Edge brush is suitable for using with the majority of paints and enamels.

What is the best paint brush to use when cutting in?

When cutting in it is important to choose a high-quality angled bristle paint brush rather than a flat one. Using an angled paint brush will help to work into smaller, tricky areas and will allow you to manoeuvre the brush a lot better.

How to clean your paint brush after you've finished using it?

Looking after your paint brush is super important if you want it to last longer than a few jobs. Quality paint brushes improve with use and this is the case for most bristle brushes. Below are a couple of helpful tips to remember when looking after your paint brush: 

  • Once you have finished using your paint brush, clean thoroughly after with warm soapy water (water based paints)
  • If you are using solvent based paints, they will require a purpose-made solvent remover. 
  • Work the cleaning liquid through the paint brush bristles until the paint has become loose. 
  • Once all the excess paint has been removed and once your paintbrush has dried, place it back into it's original packaging so that it keeps its shape

Our quick and easy paint brush guide on picking the perfect brush size for your DIY painting project

Picking the correct paint brush size for your painting project is extremely important when wanting to achieve the perfect all round finish.

  • 1" Paint Brush - Door frames, stair spindles and small edges
  • 1 1/2" Paint Brush - Door Frames, Window Frames & Skirting Boards 
  • 2" Paint Brush - Cupboard doors, dado rails
  • 2 1/2" Paint Brush - Doors & Larger pieces of furniture 
  • 3 - 4" Paint Brush - Floors & Garage Doors