First sold to decorators and professional painters in 1964 in the UK, Solvite paste was formulated with professionals in mind. Now a recognisable and trusted wallpaper adhesive brand Solvite continues to be the number one choice for decorators due to it's unrivalled reliability and professional results.

Buy Solvite Wallpaper Paste Online

With a number of products available for the hanging of wallpaper, Solvite will have the product that best suits your needs. The most popular being the Solvite All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive which is available in multiple sizes for different scaled projects. Only requiring 20 seconds of mixing the strong formula easily hangs almost any type of wallpaper.

Solvite have developed a wallpaper that is specifically for paste the wall wallpapers which generally mean less mess when applying and no need for a pasting table. The Solvite Paste the Wall Wallpaper Adhesive can also hang almost any type of wallpaper and is ready to use after 2 minutes.