The Top 5 Types Of Wall Panelling

The Top 5 Types Of Wall Panelling

Wall panelling has been around for centuries (literally! It can be dated back to the 13th!) and is one of those interior design styles that falls more into a timeless aesthetic than a ‘current trend’. The beauty of the wall panelling we’ve seen taking off in home interiors over the past couple of years is there are some modern adaptations to ensure that wall panelling is suitable for any home and any vibe!

So hopefully you’re at the stage here that you’re seriously considering adding some panelling to your home and you’ve seen some fantastic inspo pictures but you’ve no idea what all of the different styles are called so you’re struggling to find any guidance on how to do it, what materials are recommended or if you looking to get some professional help what to ask for! That’s where I step in with a run down of the top 5 styles of wall panelling and some gorgeous inspiration shots!


1.Shaker Style / Batten & Board

Ok so this is probably the one we see the most of at the moment. Luckily it's relatively easy to achieve and people are using this to add a feature wall to any type of room in your home instantly adding some character and flair to your room! A shaker panel wall usually covers a full wall and utilises wooden batons to design a repeating square shape across your wall. Of course people are adding slightly different slants on the style, changing up from a square to a rectangle or even fitting these to ½ or ¾ ceiling height. When it’s not at full ceiling height it’s often referred to as Batten & Board style, which references the moulding which is placed over the joint between the board. As I mentioned, it's relatively easy to achieve (although getting your measurements right can be a little daunting) and you would have an MDF sheet cut down to your wooden batons, the most popular depth being 100mm. We have a full YouTube tutorial here on how to get this panelling style in your home!



@atno.06 NTB79 -SHOP HERE (Board and Batten) / @ourshropshirelife NTB25- SHOP HERE (Batten and Board)

@style_less_home NTB239 -SHOP HERE (Shaker Panel)


2. Wainscoting

Wainscoting is probably the next most popular style of wall panelling which is decorative mouldings applied in square or rectangle frames to make a design on your wall. It's relatively easy to apply but you will need to get the hang of cutting your wooden mouldings at a 45 degree angle to make your rectangles. A product called a ‘mitre’ is used and it's one of those things that once you know…you know, just get past that first cut! Look out for decorative mouldings in your local DIY store or  if you’re not keen on working with wood and would prefer something more lightweight and easier to cut at home we have the Noel & Marquet decorative mouldings here on the website.



@bowdenandbowsley NTB31 -SHOP HERE (Wainscoting) / @visitnumber7 Steamed Milk - SHOP HERE (Wainscoting)

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3. Shiplap / Tongue and Groove

So the shiplap style of panelling, (or tongue and groove depending upon which wood you purchase, they have a different connection type!) is a wall covered in milled lengths of timber board. You can apply these vertically or horizontally and it really creates a wow factor for your walls! 



@my_best_laid_plans Alpine - SHOP HERE (Shiplap) / @the_velvet_home NTB241 - SHOP HERE (Shiplap)

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4. Wood Slat

One of the latest arrivals in the wood panelling trend is the wood slat walls. This originated from acoustic panelling which helped how the sound moved around a room but it looks so fantastic it's been pinched for decorative interior design too! The wood slats are pieces of plywood, usually in ½” thickness or ¾” if you want a bold statement. These look particularly good when left natural but treated/wood dyed with an impactful statement colour behind. 



@lydias_layton_life NTB57 and NTB274 - SHOP HERE (Wood Slat) / @visitnumber7 Steamed Milk - SHOP HERE (Wood Slat)

@visitnumber7 Steamed Milk - SHOP HERE (Wood Slat)


5. Geo Wood Panelling

And finally, number 5 in our top 5 wood panelling styles is Geo Wood Panelling. It’s a really simple idea, once again using plywood in ½” or ¾” thickness, get your creative head on and apply some abstract geometric design to your walls! It’s a really effective way to add a modern touch to your home and brighten up a dull feeling wall! 



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Interested to know more? 

We have tons of home decor inspiration on our Instagram and Pinterest pages and you can always contact us, whether you have any product related queries, or even if you would simply like a second opinion on your colour options! We have even created an ultimate guide to wall panelling blog and youtube video which you can find by simply clicking the links.

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