The Best Tools When Tackling Some Exterior Decorating!

The Best Tools When Tackling Some Exterior Decorating!

As we're all beginning to focus on some exterior diy projects with the little sprinkling of sunshine we've been getting, I thought I would share some of my favourite tools to add to your kit when decorating outside!

Wagner Flexio W590

So I’m starting with the most 'spenny' item on the list at £148.99 but this piece of equipment is such a time saver! Definitely an investment piece, it comes with two fittings, one for spraying interiors and one for exteriors such as brick work and fencing. After having to decorate my garden fence last year I can’t tell you how grateful I was that this sprayer exists! If you are keen to save the hassle but aren’t in a position to spend the £148.99 currently you can spread the cost with openpay across 4 instalments interest free! We opted for shade Anthracite RAL7016 in the Quick Dry Opaque on our fence pictured above. 

So as the name suggests the Captain Chunk is an extra long pile roller ideally for applying masonry paint. It has a special foam padded core which allowing more fabric to be stretched around the roller which can hold more paint. It also allows additional pressure to be applied to help ‘work in’ to surfaces (for example pebbledash!) Available in a 9” kit and a 4” kit at £16.99 and £6.99.

You can’t beat a wider framed but lightweight plastic brush when tackling your fence panels or brick work. The ProDec masonry brushes come in 4” and 5” size and are really easy to work with! £4.75 and £5.49.

Ok so really simple but sooooo handy when you’re working outside! Especially if you’re up a ladder! This handy little clip goes onto the side of your paint kettle or tin and holds your brush saving it dropping to far into your pot and getting covered in too much paint! £2.25 each.

For anyone that doesn’t have the steadiest hand or the time for masking tape then this little gadget is your best friend. Perfect for scraping away excess paint from window panes in a flash! Only £2.79 and comes with a safety guard for storage!


So, there you have it, my quick list of favourites when tackling any exterior projects! If you need any further advice or guidance don’t hesitate to give us a shout!


Happy Decorating! xoxo


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