Refresh Your Front Door with These Simple Tricks | Decorating Centre Online

Refresh Your Front Door with These Simple Tricks | Decorating Centre Online

"Refreshing tired-looking doors is easier than you think!"

Refresh your Front Door with these Simple Tricks

If you’re unsure on how to prepare and paint your outdoor surfaces, just follow this easy step-by-step guide below or even DM, call or email us if you have any questions!


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How do I Paint my Wooden, Composite or uPVC Front Door?

Whether your door is solid wood, composite or even uPVC, you can paint is perfectly fine with the help of our Front Door & Garage Door Paint Bundle.



What you will need:


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Colour: BS Orchid Pink (04 C 33)

Getting Started:

Step 1: Select a Colour you would like Colour Matched

There are so many different colours which can be matched for our AllCoat Colour Match Paint- over 19,000 colours!- that you must first choose a colour which you are happy with. There is loads of inspiration on our instagram feed for epic front doors and colour palettes to help narrow the choice down for you! Remember because the door will get a lot of sunlight, colours may appear lighter than they would inside, so bear this in mind when making your colour choice!

Step 2: Choose a Sheen Level

There are three different finishes which you can choose in the Zinsser AllCoat Colour Match Paint: Matt, Satin and Gloss.

The different finishes for this exterior paint are all perfectly suitable to paint front doors with and all have the same durability, so it really is dependent on how much sheen you prefer in your paint finishes.

Step 3: Prepare the area for painting

Even though you are painting outdoors, if you don’t prepare the area perfectly for painting, you could risk leaving paint splatters all over the floor and other areas you don’t want them. This will be more difficult to remove than to prevent from happening!

The easiest way to do this is to use a dust sheet to prevent any paint splatters or spills. Next remove hardware (where possible) from the door and tape off any areas of the door which you do not want to be painted.

TOP TIP: Using low-tac decorator’s tape will ensure that your paint will not peel off with the tape. Decorator’s tape should be removed after a maximum 6 hours on your wall to ensure that it does not peel off the paint underneath, although it can be removed sooner than this.


Step 4: Clean the door and sand lightly

Any dust, dirt, water, dried muck or anything else which has found its way onto your door must be completely washed off before you paint your door. The easiest way to do this is to use our Zinsser's Degreaser & Cleaner. This will help to ensure the paint can adhere properly as well as providing a smoother and more durable finish. Be sure to completely remove the degreaser after applciation with a damp cloth to avoid a reaction with the paint.

Optional step: If your door is particularly contaminated, uneven or has old / flaking paint it is recommended that you lightly sand down the surface of your door until you are left with a smooth surface.

Step 5: You may have to Prime the Area beforehand

Although the Zinnser AllCoat paint is a self-primer which means that it will not need a layer of primer in order to block stains or for it to stick to a smooth surface, depending on the condition of the door, you may need to prime beforehand. Note that this step will be absolutely essential for uPVC doors.

The primer required will depend on the condition of the substrate you are painting onto. The two most common primers we recommend are Zinsser's Bulls-Eye 123 or Zinsser's Cover Stain. If unsure which primer (or if any primer) is needed, just get in touch!

Step 6: Painting your Door

Now that you have fully prepared your door its time to paint! Simply use a brush, roller or combination of the two to apply two even coats of paint to the door, allowing the recommended drying time between coats. As you'll be outdoors, it is important to paint when the weather is fine (not too cold or wet) and will remain fine for the duration of the drying period of the paint.

TOP TIP: painting for a perfect finish:

  • build up coats gradually and avoid slapping too much paint on at once
  • paint in sections so you always maintain a wet edge, this will limit any picture framing or flashing
  • if you're not confident with a paint brush, a mohair or microfibre roller will help to achieve a smooth finish

Step 7: Admire a job well done! 


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