Pillow Talk: Choosing The Cushions For You

Pillow Talk: Choosing The Cushions For You

We love throw pillows. 

Pillows dress a room. They’re beautiful to look at. Bring new textural and design elements into a room. And, they’re really easy to switch. Making it easier than ever to change up the vibe of a room. 

Sure, your cushions can serve a practical purpose - but let’s be real. They have to look good too!

The most popular places for throw pillows are bedrooms and living rooms, but we think gorgeous pillows belong everywhere. From the bench in your bootroom, to a big statement cushion on a chair in your study - almost every room has a place for a gorgeous cushion to take centre stage. 

When it comes to pillow dressing, there’s a couple of things to consider: the number, size,  shape, colour and fabric texture. We forgot to say, another thing we think is super important when choosing pillows - is to have some fun! 



Grouping pillows

How many pillows is too many? No such thing if you ask us. However, if your sofa is getting so crowded with pillows that there’s not much room left for people - it might be a good idea to put some into other rooms and rotate them around. 

So, how many should you have? Some people swear by symmetry and like to have each half of their sofa mirroring the other. Increasingly popular, is to create a frieze of mismatched cushions that run along. 

The truth is, there’s no right answer (despite the internet having numerous people tell you that you must have either an even or odd number of cushions). It’s about making the most of the space you’ve got and setting about creating a look that feels intentional, not accidental. That’s where pillow planning comes in. 

When it comes to grouping pillows, you have to think about which patterns and colours will work together. If it’s a living room you’re styling, you’ll have thought about the colour of your sofa; but don’t forget to factor in the colour of your curtains too. 


Statement and Fillers

Once you’ve sketched out a rough idea of how many pillows you’d like, decide which of those are going to be your bolder choices. We say start with your statement cushions  first - filler designs are always easier to find. Pick the bold bits you love, and fill the rest of the room around it. 

Mix styles, maintain the fabric

Wary of having too much going on? One way to make mis-match cushions still feel uniform, is to stick to the same fabric throughout. 

Why not try a grey themed cushion frieze? The Malini Oslo Slate and Meghan Grey Fringed cushions mix together well despite one having a geometric style print, and the other being a more softer, classical fringed cushion design because they share the same velvet fabric. If the fabric matches, you can confidently get away with very different patterns. 


(Not So) Wild choices 

Leopards never change their spots, and you might not ever want to change these cushions. Animal prints are always a good choice because they’re so versatile and easy to pair. Our Malini Captetown Cushion is a popular pick - that hint of blue is just dreamy.



Moments of monochrome 

If you’re someone who likes to change the colour of their walls frequently, why not opt for some big bold cushions, that keep within a monochrome colour scheme? That way you know your soft furnishings and decorative elements are always going to pop, whatever colours your walls are rocking at the time. When it comes to cushions, we always say the bigger the better (within reason), and these large Malini monochrome cushions really have a wow factor. We love them in a bedroom. 




Thinking outside the box

Of course, there’s no rule that says your pillows have to be rectangular or square. For a real softer, sophisticated feel, why not try our round Malini Fleur cushions




Pick something you like! 

The great thing about pillows is that they’re so easy to change, you can always be a bit adventurous and have some fun. Animals on pillows are sure to make you smile. These beauties are both completely different styles, but are a great example of how you can get fun designs in both casual and luxury looks.



Picking your pillows 

Usually we’d say wait until most of the DIY stuff is out of the way before you get your pillows and throws in. We regularly update stock, and we have a broad range of cushions to suit various different interior styles.

However, you wouldn’t be the first person to use a gorgeous cushion as the basis of their next redecoration. On occasion, we get requests into our Colour Clinic where customers have fallen so in love with a cushion print, they’ve made the cushion’s design the basis for how they style the room. So maybe, if you’re in the planning stage, choosing a couple of gorgeous decorative cushions to kick off your moodboard is actually the way to go!