Our Top 10 Wallpapers To Create The Ultimate Feature Wall

Our Top 10 Wallpapers To Create The Ultimate Feature Wall

If you’re looking to make a statement with your home decor that won’t overwhelm or interrupt your aesthetic, consider creating a feature wall! 

A feature wall, or accent wall, is a surefire way to create impact in a space without breaking the budget. Feature walls have made a real comeback over the last couple of years and they’re no longer created with just paint or wallpaper; modern feature wall design spans across a wide range of interior design trends, from biophilic living plant walls & natural textured walls, to modern heritage DIY wood panel walls. Wallpaper design has also moved with the times; with manufacturers consistently creating new designs to remain in line with trends.

Here at DCO HQ we like to keep our finger on the pulse of interior decor trends to share with you; so I’ve compiled this guide to our top 10 wallpapers to create the ultimate feature wall!


1. Take a trip to the Orient

Our Teshio Oriental Scalloped Pattern wallpaper is a uniquely elegant feature wall wallpaper; featuring oriental scenes such as houses, trees and mountains, set within a scallop pattern. Its intricate details are beautifully highlighted with metallic gold and acrylic texture, providing sophisticated dimension. This washable, textured wallpaper can be easily applied via paste the wall and comes in a selection of four rich colourways including plum, dove, navy and charcoal. 





 2. Keep your minimalist aesthetic flowing with a natural textured feature wall

It’s often thought that wallpaper for a feature wall needs to be bright & bold - this couldn’t be further from the truth! A feature wall simply needs to be an eye catching focal point in the room, meaning you can create your accent wall in even the most contemporary & minimalist spaces. By opting for a distressed, natural textured wallpaper like our Sierra Metallic Textured Concrete wallpaper, you create an impactful feature wall while keeping the space fresh. This washable wallpaper also has a natural metallic sheen which softly reflects light to create a warm ambience. With four colourways available including blush, silver, sage and dark silver, this intriguing wallpaper is guaranteed to bring character to any colour scheme!





3. Go back in time with a Retro alternative to geometric wallpaper design

Geometric wallpaper is still popular as ever and we absolutely adore our unique Venn Retro Geometric Printed wallpaper for it’s Retro twist on this trend! It features abstract shapes and has an acrylic stippled texture, adding extra character to its charming design! This eye catching, washable wallpaper is made with environmentally friendly, PVC-free eco foam and comes in a choice of three beautifully bold colourways: orange, blue or green. If you’re looking to inject some alternative glamour into your home, this unique abstract wallpaper has all of the glam and personality you could ask for!




4. Bring the outside in with an enchanting, botanical wallpaper

The pandemic has influenced us to be much more mindful of the impact that our home decor can have on our wellbeing. Spending so much time at home has allowed us to reassess our spaces from a completely different perspective, and many of us have needed to create more multifunctional spaces that cater to both work and leisure, such as home offices and home gyms. Our search for a harmonious home environment has led us back to our roots (pun intended) - bringing plants and organic textures into our homes to reconnect with nature and promote wellness! 

Inspired by real living plant walls, our Cascading Garden Botanical Leaf wallpaper is a breathtaking botanical wallpaper bursting with lush foliage. This romantic leaf wallpaper comes in four rich colourways to inject biophilic design into any colour scheme: navy, plum, green and crimson.




5. Go big & bold with tropical plants and jungle animals

If you’d like your feature wall to ooze character, our Comoro Tropical Window Design wallpaper is a lively jungle wallpaper design, featuring vibrant tropical plants and animals! Crowned lemurs and monkeys steal the show, while trailing green leaves and colourful lilies climb the wooden frame that they’re sitting on. If you peek through the window panes beyond the tropical leaves & florals, you can see the river and rainforest treetops in the distance. Available in a colour choice of navy, plum, black or light wood; this quirky wallpaper is perfect for creating an eye catching feature wall that will truly transport you to the tropics!





6. Embrace the DIY wood panelling trend

Wooden slat panels are a fantastic alternative to the traditional wood panelled wall trend; providing a timeless look with a contemporary twist to suit any home decor style. If you’re not keen on sticking MDF wood panels to your feature wall, our Wooden Slat Panelled wallpaper is an effortless, cost effective alternative! This versatile wood panel wallpaper features realistic wooden grain details with clever shading to create a stunning 3D effect. It has a smooth, matte finish and comes in a selection of gorgeous natural wood shades including light oak, natural, dark oak and grey.




7. Maximise your wellness with a tranquil, textured feature wall

Our Stratus Metallic Cloud Printed wallpaper takes “bring the outside in” to a whole new level! It features wispy clouds rolling across the sky, while its metallic highlights represent the sun’s rays casting glowing light throughout the design. This low key metallic wallpaper has a soothing effect, so is perfect for creating a feature wall that won’t overwhelm the room. If you’re all about creating a harmonious living space, this serene textured wallpaper comes in four colourways to suit all tastes: pink, navy, beige and blue.





8. Tropical wallpaper, but make it glam!

Sometimes you may feel like you can’t jump onto the hottest interior decor trends because they don’t quite align with your home aesthetic… by why should you miss out?! Our Tropical Palm Tree Leaf wallpaper is a stunning twist on the tropical wallpaper trend - perfect for a glam feature wall to maximise and elevate your luxury interior style! This lustrous, textured wallpaper features finely detailed metallic palm trees with oversized leaves swaying in a gentle breeze. Whether your home aesthetic is lavish golds with warm coffee shades, elegant silvers & sophisticated grey colours, or monochromatic with black & white details; this luxe metallic wallpaper design is available in natural, silver or mono (black) to suit any neutral glam home aesthetic.



9. Welcome nature with a woodland animal wallpaper

If you love animal wallpapers but you’re more of a fan of traditional decor, try switching out the jungle animal wallpaper for a woodland animal wallpaper on your feature wall! Our nature inspired Loxley Woodland wallpaper is full of character; featuring flying birds & dragonflies alongside striking flowers and forest leaves. This textured wallpaper design looks almost like embroidered fabric with its intricate stitch-like details! It comes in a stunning selection of traditional colours including ochre, navy, sage, grey and taupe; so you’re sure to find your perfect shade for a charming feature wall.





10. Introduce organic textures with a marble-ous metallic wallpaper

Natural stony textures are so versatile - they look gorgeous in any home and they encourage ultimate wellness with their warming ambience! Marble wallpaper styles have been (understandably!) incredibly popular for some time now, ranging from inky marbled paint effects to natural marble stone effects. Our Semper Marble Metallic wallpaper is a fresh take on the marble wallpaper trend, incorporating elements of biophilic design with its organic texture that looks almost like the walls of a natural stone cave. Its contemporary metallic highlights give it dimension and a touch of glam, creating a textured stone effect feature wall that looks high end… without the expense of using real marble! This luxurious marble wallpaper comes in four eye catching colourways: gold, silver, amber and teal & gold.





Feeling inspired?

I hope this guide has given you some inspiration for freshening up your space with a statement feature wall, or an understated accent wall! The beauty of these versatile wallpaper styles is that we offer a stunning range of colour options, meaning you don’t have to completely change your scheme if you don’t want to - you can simply select a wallpaper colour that complements your aesthetic.

To help you decide if your wallpaper of choice is suitable for your space, check out the product details and key features where we list the washability of the wallpaper, as well as the application method and even the pattern repeat!

We always recommend trying out wallpaper samples before committing to purchasing your wallpaper rolls; why not take advantage of our wallpaper sample service? We offer your first two wallpaper samples free of charge, and our samples are cut to a generous size with caring consideration of the wallpaper pattern.

If you’re not already following us on Instagram you can find us at @decoratingcentreonline - where we share all of the inspiration and support for your DIY & interior decor projects! We also run our Colour Clinic over there every Friday, where we answer all of your colour related questions.


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