How To Paint Your Interior Doors

How To Paint Your Interior Doors

Doors whilst appearing simple can be a bit of a challenge as its all down to the type of door you are painting. So to help you on your way, we have made this simple guide showing you how to paint a welcoming interior door instead of it lingering on your to do list because you don’t know where to start! Most people want to paint their doors quickly and easily so we've pulled together this guide to make it easy easy as possible for you.





Firstly, let’s grab our tools

Dust Sheets


Toupret fine surface filler

Immaculate Finish Synthetic Bristle Brush

All-important Paint Colour

Paint Roller





Next up, time to prepare our work area & Surfaces

There’s no need to remove interior doors from their hinges. Simply place a dust sheet or newspaper underneath the door to catch any drips. Remove the door handles and place them in a safe place. Using sandpaper ensure the door is as smooth as possible, whilst still ensuring the surface keeps a small amount of grip. If there are any holes or scratches, we recommend filling them with Mangers Fine Surface filler, for the best results.

Use the right materials

If you’re painting a flat door with no panels or design, we recommend you choose a 4-inch (10cm) brush or a small roller. For panelled doors, you will need a small 2-inch (5cm) brush.

DCO'S Top Door Painting Tip

Painting doors can be a bit fiddly but if you wipe the surface with a slightly damp cloth, it can increase the time it takes for the paint to dry meaning you get more time to apply it and it reduces brush marks leaving a nice, smooth finish you can be truly proud of.

Prime candidate

Primers help the paint go on smoother, we love the Leyland Acrylic Primer Undercoat  or the Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 Primer. The Bullseye 1-2-3 Primer is perfect choice if your existing doors are wood stained or varnished. Allow for the primer to to fully dry before applying the paint otherwise you won't get the finish you won't for your door.

Time to Get Painting

Start painting all four edges of the door first. Then apply the paint in even, broad strokes across the surface of the door. If you are using a roller, this one is perfect for all types of doors.

Finally, don't be afraid to be bold with your colour choice!

Painting your interior doors a bold and strong colour to match the rest of your interiors is one of this year biggest interior trends, so don't be shy when it comes to paint colour choices. If you want to breathe a bit of life into your exterior doors, Zinsser All Coat comes in a satin or matt finish and can be colour matched to any shade of your choosing to create that all important first impression- but we will look more into painting our front exterior door in another blog coming up soon!



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