Get an Insta-Worthy Home Office You Won't Want To Leave The House For!

Get an Insta-Worthy Home Office You Won't Want To Leave The House For!

Create an Insta-worthy home office that maximises your productivity

Decorating a home office can sometimes feel like a difficult task because we don’t want it to be filled with too many visual distractions, but if the room feels too boring this could also affect our productivity as we won’t want to spend any time in there! The key thing to remember when decorating your home office, is that you can still continue the flow of your home aesthetic with a few adjustments. By simply limiting the visual clutter in the room, you can create a super productive working space that you’ll look forward to working in. 


Create a distraction-free feature wall

By putting a patterned wallpaper on an alternative wall, rather than directly in front of your desk, you can create a feature wall whilst limiting visual clutter. Our DCO Exclusive Brush Strokes Wallpaper is a unique, outlandish design featuring a neutral background adorned with bold paint brush strokes. It comes in a choice of soft black or taupe, providing a dose of character without overwhelming the space! This wallpaper pairs especially well with our Off White paint colour collection.




Use textured wallpaper for a cosy workspace you won’t want to leave

Just as we’ve discussed for our previous rooms, plain textured wallpapers can create and emphasise warmth in a space by bringing dimension to walls that may otherwise feel a little too flat & cold. By using a plain textured wallpaper in your home office, you can add colour and depth without risking any unnecessary distractions! Our Atakora Fabric Effect Mica Wallpaper is a stunning geometric wallpaper inspired by fabric, featuring an acrylic texture with shimmering mica highlights to add extra warmth & dimension. This fresh & stylish textured wallpaper comes in a selection of warming neutral colours, including dove, cream, grey and green, all of which are perfect for complementing any home office colour schemes with ease.




Still in need of a little more inspo?

We have tons of home decor inspiration on our Instagram and Pinterest pages and you can always contact us, whether you have any product related queries, or even if you would simply like a second opinion on your colour options!

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